Alpha The Dream Hypercar 0.2

It's the all-new DOG3 car nobody asked for

  1. SportsTron01YT_XD
    Well, hello there, lads and gents, and welcome to the Showroom. Today, we have the perfect car for... Anyway, I am proud to present to you, the all-new, next-gen, hyper-fast... The DOG3 Jackrabbit* GTR Turbo V10 Edition. Equipped with a Twin-Turbo and 1900 hp, the V10 engine is just perfect to help you run from the police or win a race [Not recommended for daily use as you may kill yourself or run out of fuel really quick]. It has them next-gen Gen2 Holo-MirrorsTM, Luxury Infotainment & HUD that was Hand-Made in our own factories, some Racing Seats from, and some High-Quality Boost+RPM gauges from GReady**. The engine's name is SuperEEX V10 Twin-Turbo Edition, in case you wanted to know. It's top speed SHOULD be 369 MPH but we ran out of moneh to test it. The vehicle costs around U$D 16 100 000. Good luck at surviving in this car and have fun, thanks for your purchase.

    *Jackrabbit Adult Entertainment is not responsible for any DOG3 Inc. Ltd. Co. product.
    **GReady is a Japanese Aftermarket Parts brand that is owned by Trust Company Ltd. and has nothing to do with,, or Automation.

    Q1 - Will there be another edition?
    A1: No, not even in your dreams.

    Q2 - mY bhrain runz on InTeRnEt ExPlOrEr and i dunno how to pute tah vehicl into tah game. HaLp??!?!?!?
    A2: There is a little green button that says S-U-B-S-C-R-I-B-E and you just click it. Or you download it and put it in the mods folder (don't ask where it is, I'm surprised you got the game installed).

    Q3 - Will you post other mods, perhaps non-Automation stuff?
    A3: Good question, content will come, be sure of that, but the non-Automation stuff, I dunno, honestly, dunno...

    Q4 - What about version 0.1...?



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