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The Dust Bowl 7/4/18 Release 2

A vehicular torture course with campaign,vehicles, and night version

  1. DuneWulff
    A Vehicular Torture Rally

    The Dust Bowl is where vehicles go to die in a blaze of glory.
    Some will perish from the heat of the desert sun.

    Some will perish from a violent slam into the rocks.
    Others survive.

    The Dust Bowl is a long-standing event set deep in the Mojave Desert in the heat of summer. Teams of drivers come from all across the nation to attempt surviving the rally course from hell.

    The Dust Bowl comes with two levels. The standard, daytime version and the lit-up night version.

    replace_preview.jpg replacetest_preview.jpg
    Additionally, it comes with two custom vehicle configs:
    dustbowl1.png arsonist.png
    As well a campaign (which can alternatively be played individually in the scenarios menu.) Which features the starting day at the 45th annual Dust Bowl. You take the place of numerous teams' driver as they try to survive the Dust Bowl's famous Wreckage Run.
    And a custom license plate.

    • Report any bugs/issues to the discussion forum.
    • Objects outside of the main rally course do not have collision for performance reasons.
    • Two other, campaign-only vehicles are also included.
    • Driving through water occasionally causes cars to catch fire. IDK what causes this.
    • Flamethrowers do cause cars' engine temperatures to skyrocket. This is deliberate.
    • The campaign has little hand-holding, to compensate for this you are not punished for respawning and have no time limit unless otherwise stated.
    • Trailer music can be found here!
    • Some vehicles in the trailer aren't included in the map but can be found in my config pack.
    • Running decent graphics are required, otherwise various map items won't render correctly.

    Enjoy! - DuneWulff :D

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Recent Reviews

  1. coolgamer55
    Version: 7/4/18 Release 2
    good map
  2. 01010011
    Version: 7/4/18 Release 2
    MAD MAX!
  3. teetee599
    Version: 7/4/18 Release 2
    There before each flame thrower there is a green wall that goes away after you drive through it. please fix and I will rate 5
  4. Trastorno
    Version: 7/4/18 Release
    You truly understand the feel of the Motorstorm festival, and it's expressed beautifully in your maps, even through the little descriptions of the teams in the scenario intros. Magnificent work, as always. I think your next map should be one simple enough for the AI to drive, so you could have small races with the vehicles of your config pack.
  5. RyvyLo
    Version: 7/4/18 Release
    A very fun map with plenty of unique and interesting ideas. It's the ideal track to see how far can vehicles go, and very unforgiving on vehicles with broken radiators.
    The only downside to this quality mod is the repetitive campaign, although it does a great job of teaching the track. You can just skip the repetitive parts by playing the scenarios one by one, so this isn't a big problem.
    This will be a map I'll use every time I have a vehicle to test on the slow destruction side
    1. DuneWulff
      Author's Response
      I agree in regards to the campaign. Never attempted something like it before, so I certainly have learned quite a bit from it c:
  6. silentstrike15
    Version: 7/4/18 Release
    More Motorstorm like maps?! Count me in!
  7. xBeTox
    Version: 7/4/18 Release
    Is this FPS friendly? I haven't downloaded it yet, but it's an awesome map! + if it is FPS friendly I will love it even more.
  8. ZealousPlum
    Version: 7/4/18 Release
    Really REALLY high quality map. The map looks amazing and the course is very well thought out. The obstacles are unique and there's plenty of alternate routes to explore. I just don't have the fps to get any enjoyment out of the map.
  9. Long Drifter 1
    Long Drifter 1
    Version: 7/4/18 Release
    I LOVE IT!, I haven't manged to make a full lap yet, also i didn't know there to configs include, Amazing work DuneWulff .
  10. GTR2legend
    Version: 7/4/18 Release
    Very detailed, fun map for those wanting a destruction based rally course with multiple routes with a Motorstorm style aesthetic.
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