The Exquisite - An ETK I on D-Series guts 1.05

Let the inner Clarkson in you live up and ride away from those... peasants in pure excellence

  1. Inn0centJok3r
    It's a car, that I have justifiably called "The Exquisite".
    The internal organs from a Gavril D-Series, mated to the beautiful skin of a glamorous ETK I. To create a vision of pure... what's the word?
    Uh - perfection! That's it. It's the perfect vehicle for any occasion. May it be the exquisitely comfortable ride to work, or going cross country, It offers the guts you need to spit on all of those measly SUVs!
    Jokes aside, this works a lot better than it should by all means. Somehow, the V8 motor just perfectly fits into the ETK I engine bay, even if just barely.
    The Unibody-on-Frame configuration also is incredibly rigid towards deformation. The demo derby variant will just absolutely annihalate any opposing cars with absolute ease - Also thanks to the radiator being moved back.
    This mod adds 7 new variations to your ETK I-Series. The body is fully compatible with all ETK I mods, the frame sadly had to use different node names as they conflicted with the ETK body.

    If you haven't noticed yet, it's a spiritual replica of "The Excellent" shown on The Grand Tour, which was a Mercedes SL on a Land Rover Discovery frame
    screenshot_2021-03-12_15-37-25.png screenshot_2021-03-12_15-13-01.png screenshot_2021-03-12_15-39-34.png
    screenshot_2021-03-12_15-01-14.png screenshot_2021-03-12_15-45-59.png screenshot_2021-03-12_15-54-09.png
    This mod adds the following:
    • An option for a Unibody-on-Frame configuration for the ETK I
    • Some cool new parts! Including a blower for the Gavril V8. Can be equipped on the D series too
    • Demo Derby equipment for the "Iron fist" config
    • 4 liveries
    • 7 configurations
    screenshot_2021-03-12_16-35-07.png screenshot_2021-03-12_16-35-26.png screenshot_2021-03-12_16-36-13.png
    screenshot_2021-03-12_16-49-37.png screenshot_2021-03-12_16-49-54.png screenshot_2021-03-12_17-03-38.png screenshot_2021-03-12_15-40-02.png
    screenshot_2021-03-12_16-12-40.png screenshot_2021-03-12_16-26-57.png screenshot_2021-03-12_16-27-31.png
    Don't mind the bus :p

    Here a showcase of the strength of the "Iron Fist"
    screenshot_2021-03-12_15-51-10.png screenshot_2021-03-12_15-46-31.png screenshot_2021-03-12_15-51-42.png screenshot_2021-03-12_15-55-38.png

    All config images
    the_exquisite.jpg the_exquisite_convert.jpg the_exquisite_derby.jpg
    the_exquisite_drag.jpg the_exquisite_innocent_customs.jpg the_exquisite_innocent_customs_convert.jpg the_exquisite_offroad.jpg

    So, lemme me ask you this : which would you rather have The Exquisite or that ETK?

    Feel free to leave a rating on this mod!

    If you'd like to support me a little bit financially, you can do so by clicking on this blue text. Making these mods takes a lot of time

    Anyways, this is all I got to say
    Have fun!

    If you experience any issues with the mod, please MESSAGE me!!

    ^ Before you leave a rating ^
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Recent Reviews

  1. ZakDeFaye
    Version: 1.05
    the demo derby version is a beast can one shot cars on the in derby arenas cleared a d-series wheel covers got a wheel stuck in it and car breaks upon landing huge jumps
  2. CarFanatic86
    Version: 1.05
    10/10 soccer players approve
  3. WindowsGamingYT
    Version: 1.05
    So, let me ask you this: which would you rather have The Exquisite or that ETK?
    I Would Pick The Exquisite
    Version: 1.05
    Help! when spawning, it causes instability
    1. Inn0centJok3r
      Author's Response
      Please dm me the Problem. It’s not like I have told anyone who has an issue to do so in the largest red text that one can write on this Website. If I don’t know what is wrong with the mod, I can’t fix it, so please, *please* just send a DM with more specifics
  5. SlitherySnake
    Version: 1.05
    Id have That ETK *X2 In unison*
  6. SnappyCat3600
    Version: 1.05
    this is from grand tour, isnt it? based off of the excellent?
    1. Inn0centJok3r
      Author's Response
      If you read the description you would have known already but yeah it is
      Thanks for your rating
  7. Jayjay2007010666
    Version: 1.0
    You need to stop making such good mods >:D, Jokes aside, a really good mod again from you, probs from me!
  8. redjaklwhite
    Version: 1.0
    10/10, both hilarious in concept and actually fun to play with at the same time
  9. jeandre4877
    Version: 1.0
    this brought me instant happiness when i saw this,
    well done m8
    1. Inn0centJok3r
      Author's Response
      Looks like I achieved my goal well here :)
  10. mrdoggyman876
    Version: 1.0
    wow.... amazing
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