The Falcon Hyper Sport (Le Mans inspired Hyper Car) 1.0

The latest addition to the Le Mans inspired list of hyper cars

  1. NitroNihon
    Motorsports fans are receiving yet another treat! Those familiar with the Le Mans 24 Hours may be aware of the regulation changes within the coming years that will change the current LMP1 class to .. essentially .. hyper cars!

    This is my own interpretation of this class, not closely following any of the proposed limits. Basically, make them as fast and driveable as possible.

    The Falcon Hyper Sport

    The Falcon Hyper Sport GT (Road Car)

    • The Falcon Hyper Sport was the response to the call to compete with the best, the team letting their designers go wild (within regulation) to create what has been cited as one of the best handling cars amongst its competitors. Lacking in power similarly to the Karma Cobra, the Falcon Hyper Sport makes up for its lower top end by cornering faster than the Camoa Lafaso and Odesson Malone. It is also the only current model to supply a road variant of their Le Mans racer, with a tuned down engine and a dual-clutch gearbox.

Recent Reviews

  1. Fernando R.
    Fernando R.
    Version: 1.0
    This car is incredible and stylish. has a very good drivability. He could be a likely winner of the 24h nurburgring (if there was a category in that car in that race), (I do not think he can be a champion in the 24h le Mans for not being very fast but he would be a good competitor). In short, good work! do more mods like that.
  2. BaldurIsCool
    Version: 1.0
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