The GT3 Racer Pack 1.1

A pack of race cars that perform similarly to one another

  1. NitroNihon
    11 "GT3" race cars ready to hit the circuits (1 car not pictured), including 1 bonus car (also not pictured)! A total of 12 vehicles!

    All vehicles have their own unique engine ranging from about 630 to 700 hp, being capable of lapping very close to one another by within about a second or so.

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  1. Fernando R.
    Fernando R.
    Version: 1.1
    all have good handling without exception. And everyone has the handling, downforce, maximum speed and acceleration very different from each other but even then both in a race would be difficult to say who would be the winner (in some tracks some would stand out more than others). I really liked this mod
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