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Beta The Last Barstow V8 0.96.1

My mad max inspired mod

  1. The Last Barstow V8

    corrected filename
  2. The Last Barstow V8


    Changes made in v0.96:
    -Updated all the subframes.
    -Updated all the superchargers with the ''supercharger whine''.


    Sorry for the long wait,
  3. The Last Barstow V8

    Changes made in v0.95:
    -After been give a 3 star review by Axleeer,
    wich had nothing to do with my work,
    just things that needed fixing after the game update,i went back to my mod and updated the following below,
    thanks Axleeer for ruining my morning after a painfull week.i didn't have to do it but thats the guy i am,
    it rubbed me the wrong way so i fixed it.Advice for people who are new to the forum or the ones that are impatient,
    there is a discussion tab for a reason,
    USE IT before...
  4. The Last Barstow V8

    Changes made in v0.94:
    -Added the regular gt doorpanels,forgot those.
    -Fitted all the GT500 configs with the gt500 doorpanels.
    -Added Chase_Special_GRS wheels in 17'' x 8'',9'',10'',12'',14''
    -Also a second race variation of these wheels with colorable sections(Rollcage Linked).
    -Added 2 configs:-Semi_Offroad_Pickup
    -Fixed The sport exhausts on the right side was missing beam info,
    it's adjusted now so no more wabbely right sport exhausts.
    -Added logo to...
  5. The Last Barstow V8

    Changes made in v0.93:
    -Added KRW GRS Twister wheels in same sizes.
    -Added red GRS brake calipers.
    -Added front race subframe + reinforced(colorable rollcage linked).
    -Added front + rear suspensions race(colorable rollcage linked).
    -Added GT500 + RS double headlight grilles.
    -Changed the race bumper B + race bumper vented B for more race detail.
    -Added 4 GT500 Front Race bumpers.
    -Added 12'' front KRW GRS+Twister,i forgot those in the jbeam.
    -Added Tall Stack ALt Gasser intake with lager...
  6. The Last Barstow V8

    Changes made in v0.92:
    -Redone the gt500 and gt500rs cut hoods.much cleaner now.
    -Redone the gasser supercharged hood and hood B,no more triangle cut and almost no more stretched skins.
    -Redone all race hoods,they are now light weight+have hood pins and also almost no more stretched skins.
    -Added Race hood D.
    -Added GT_TrackDay config+preview.
    -Added Trunk_GT_black.
    -Added Black_Edition skin.
    -Added GT_Black_Edition config.
    -Finally added a licenseplate option for the vintage trunk,tried...
  7. The Last Barstow V8

    Changes made in v0.91:
    -Added Chrome subframe + chrome reinforced subframe.
    -Added GRS brakes in normal,sport and race variations and removed the interceptor brakes.
    -Altered the interceptor suspension to fit the GRS brakes.
    -Added chrome suspensions.
    -Added a mesh for the drag and race driveshafts,turning into GRS tuning parts.
    -Changed almost all the configs to fit the new parts.
    -Added chrome rear leaf spring now standard fitted to the vintage barstows.
    -Added pushbar Chrome and Black....
  8. The Last Barstow V8

    Changes made in v0.90:
    -Added reinforced subframe.
    -Changed the interceptor config,was to unstable after some testing.
    -Added new Vintage_Detective config.

    It's a hotfix for v0.89 with the bad interceptor config.
  9. The Last Barstow V8

    Changes made in v0.89:
    -Changed the inteceptor config,tuned the suspension,
    NeoSlx commented that the rear wheels go to much into the fenders wich was true so thank you for pointing that out,
    so i resetup the suspension,
    and reduced engine power a bit.
    -Removed a chrome triangle from the left vintage fender.
    -Added a red and a blue dash mounted beeacon lights to make it true persuit vehicles,they also have a siren and adde a new preview picture.
    -Updated the Interceptor Engine,it now has...
  10. The Last Barstow V8

    Changes made in v0.88:
    -Lowered the volume of the venom v8.
    -Added cobra wheels ins size 10'' 12'' 14''.
    -Added Rust Bucket Cut hood for Marcus_gt500.
    -Added Rust (Magnum Opus) skin provided by Marcus_gt500.
    -Removed all the unneccesary stuff from the Rust_Bucket parts like licenceplates doorpanels,etc.
    -Added rust steeringwheel.
    -Changed both the Rust_Bucket and outlaw config.


    Thanks guys enjoy and...
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