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Beta The Last Barstow V8 0.79

My mad max inspired mod

  1. The Last Barstow V8 0.79

    Changes made in v0.79:
    -Redid the chase_tires and chase_tires_race jbeams.
  2. The Last Barstow V8 0.78

    Changes made in v0.78:
    -Redid the special Rear bumper a small bit to make the side markers fit proper.
    -Added 4 wheel sets + racing tires and redid the complete common map.
    -Added different brake caliper material and redid the disc brakes for more detail.
    -Added yellow mad max grille.
    -Added 2 front seat sets (race+interceptor).
    -Added alternate stage 3 and stage 4 superchargers.
    -Altered mad max config with new parts.
    -Added 2 configs custom cruiser and renegade.
    -Added black variations of...
  3. The Last Barstow V8 0.77

    Changes made in v0.77:
    -Some fixes on the pakkage,had my blender safe files in the susp R folder and textures missing on suspension.:).
    -Adjusted the tyre node weight for better stability.
  4. The Last Barstow V8 0.76

    Changes made in v0.76:
    -Added special parts(2body's,fenders,trunk,fbumper,rear bumper,hood).
    -Altered the ultimate interceptor body a bit.
    -Added interceptor rear louvers,taillights,glass,doors,mirrors.
    -Lowered the node weight on the chase tyre's.
    -Added interceptor skin.
    -Added interceptor front+rear disk brakes and radiator+oil cooler with much better cooling properties.
    -Added interceptor front+rear suspension with wider track adjustment range from .305 to .405.
    -Added 3 black...
  5. The Last Barstow V8 0.75

    Changes made in v0.75:
    -Added custom grill with more modern headlights.
    -Added spinning blower poelie.
    -Changed the ultimate interceptor config a bit.

    Pictures are in the discussion section page2.
  6. The Last Barstow V8 0.74

    Changes made in v0.74:
    -Added extra body(ultimate interceptor body)with fender flares and side panel airscopes.
    -Added extra fenders(ultimate interceptor fenders)withe fender flares.
    -Added 2 rim sets with tires.(chase rims and chase rims alt)i widened the civetta compititions for the chase rims and
    i took the hart from the STX offroad wheels and fitted them into the widened civetta outer rims for the chase rims alt.
    -Fixed all the body and fenders nodes in the jbeam for the proper skeleton...
  7. The Last Barstow V8 0.73

    Changes made in v0.73:
    -I added 2 ultra wide bodies,one with spoilers and wider c-pillars and one with just the fenders for a clean wide look.
    -Added ultra wide fenders for race or offroad.
    -Added race engine+race intake,best to only use these together,these 2 won't visually match with other engines or intakes+cooling fan is visualy not working on both engines,have to find out what is wrong.
    -Added race exhaust.
    -Added race hood for the intake.
    -Redid the interceptor blower,much cleaner now....
  8. The Last Barstow V8 0.72

    Changes made in v0.72:
    -I finally fixed the bug in the j.beam that mad the rear fenders glitch out.So glad to get rid off that.4Link suspencion can now be fitted.
    -At request from RenanC i made a extra body without roof spoiler ideal for fitting javielucho's mad tanks.
    -Added config for the body
    -Removed the awful pixeljunk preview picture,no more picture for now on the latest configs,i will try to learn in the meantime how to do it right.
    Thank you bob.blunderton for pointing this out....
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  9. The Last Barstow V8 0.71

    Hi guys here is update 0.71,i removed the throttle prop from blower jbeam and altered the bumper.enjoy guys and let me know if anything is wrong.
  10. The Last Barstow V8 0.61

    In update 0.61 i adjusted the package material.cs.