The Odesson Malone (Le Mans inspired Hyper Car) 1.0

The Odesson replacement for the Rigariosa

  1. NitroNihon
    Motorsports fans are receiving yet another treat! Those familiar with the Le Mans 24 Hours may be aware of the regulation changes within the coming years that will change the current LMP1 class to .. essentially .. hyper cars!

    This is my own interpretation of this class, not closely following any of the proposed limits. Basically, make them as fast and driveable as possible.

    The Odesson Hyper Malone

    • The Odesson Malone was the replacement for the vastly overweight Rigariosa. Undergoing a complete redesign both in shape and aesthetics, the Malone has been rebred to alleviate its older brother's weight issues and be the top of its class, just as previously had been predicted by critics and media.

Recent Reviews

  1. Fernando R.
    Fernando R.
    Version: 1.0
    a little out of the way compared to the falcon, but it's pretty fast. This could be a likely champion of the 24h le mans in his category. And it's also very beautiful.
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