Beta The Offroad Barstow 1.2.0

Looks Like A Barstow....... Drives Like A Trophy Truck

  1. New engine and exhaust sounds + Fixes

    - Added new engine and exhaust sounds (broken exhaust sound)
    - Fixed the front window breaking if you added the rollcage to the car.
    - Lowered the suspension sounds.
    - Fixed the seats so the CrashHard Dummy will sit and not fall to the floor. (Dummy not released yet)
  2. Some fixes

    - Fixed rear light breaking, and shaking rear rollcage
    - Moved ref nodes to front sub frame (made new ones) This fixed the AI not braking in turnes and having uneven acceleration
  3. More skins


    A skin update :)
    - Added some skins made by YellowRusty
    - Added a new preset made by YellowRusty
  4. fixed wrong preset

    - fixed overwritten preset
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  5. small fix for a preset

    - fixed missing driveshaft
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  6. Some Fixed, and Upgrades

    Whats new:
    - Updated the engine and drivetrain stuff to use the new node reaction code
    (engine rocking and frame/axle twisting)
    - Added 6-Lug Wheel Hubs
    - Added the I6 Engine (modeled to separate from the gearbox)
    - Added 2 types of carburettors for the I6 engine
    - Added a new skin made by YellowRusty
    - Removed possibility of using standard engines (they mess up the gearbox model i use)
    - Removed the ABS system (can`t get it working correctly)
    - The crawler now use...
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