Beta The Offroad Van 1.1.0

It looks like a van, but that`s about it.

  1. Added some new engine and exhaust sounds

    - Added some new engine and exhaust sounds (broken exhaust sound)
    - Lowered the suspension sound
  2. Softer front on the rollcage

    - Made the front part of the rollcage a bit softer.
    - Added the snorkel pipe to the crawler presets
    - Added some support beams between the frame and the front of the engine, so the frame do not bend past/over the engine (engine and gearbox bends with the frame now)
    - Made the doors and hood detach a bit easier
    - Tweeked the 3 speed automatic transmission, lower range on the first and second gear.
  3. More fixes

    - Fixed the car being able to drive when the engine and gearbox was broken apart (It will now break the drive shafts but not remove the models of the drive shafts when the gearbox disconnect from the engine, as long as the gearbox is still connected to the frame)

    - Fixed the gearbox spinning around the rear connection mont if broken apart from the engine

    - Made the Crazy Dragster faster (It can be made to be a lot faster, by moving the rev limiter up to 8800rpm, but it will catch fire) I...
  4. Big Camera Fix

    - Have fixed the ref node problem (Moved them back to the floor plate) So now the cameras follow the rollcage, and the AI do not freak out
    - Have added in the stock engines (but the drive shafts do not work yet) So just leave it alone for now, I need more time to figure that stuff out :)
  5. Rear drive shaft fix

    fixed the rear drive shaft, so it will not drive when broken and gone.
  6. Small fix for interior camera

    - gave the seat the camera is connected to, more damping so not to shake from side to side so much
  7. fixed chase camera

    - made the chase camera a bit closer to the car
  8. Interior camera +engine sound

    - added an interior camera.
    - added the moonhawk engine sound.
  9. Fixed duplicated beams

    Fixed duplicated beams
  10. Fixing some small things

    - Fixed the pedals props so they are connected to the dashboard, not the front frame.
    - Removed some test presets.
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