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The Open Cut Mine 2.1

A country style map with a big deep quarry/mine in the middle.

  1. The Open Cut Mine

    Alright guys, here is the first update! The map is still not perfect but there are a lot of improvements and new features!
    New features -
    - Drift track! This track is perfectly flat and smooth but made to feel like a real track with barriers and grandstands!
    - New jump into the mine! Find the new jump and destroy your vehicle as you plummet to the bottom!
    - A gas station! Just to add a little more detail and something else to crash into :)
    - Road signs! Ive added a few turn warning signs on the mountain roads, a few stop signs around and a couple of street lamps. The will eventually be full signage and more lights.
    - Another road in the mine! I added one more track layer to the mine roads just to give the mine some more places to race around in!

    New fixes -
    - Missing textures! There are still a few spots Ive missed that are unpainted and look like grid texture but Ive fixed a lot of them and will continue fixing them as they are found.
    - Fixed meshes! There were a few items around the map that you could pass right through, but those have been corrected or replaced!
    - Some road smoothing! There's still a lot of bumpy roads but I kind of like that simply because this is a country style map where the roads wouldn't really be perfect.


    Guys, I present to you the Open Cut Mine.
    Featuring twisting roads along steep, rocky and treed cliffs .
    A gigantic mine with winding roads leading around and out.
    Plenty of jumps and hidden little spots to have fun and crash your cars.
    There is also a little speedway and a drift track for some racing and future scenarios!

    I just want to say thank you for the feedback and the support already with my first map. I love the beamNG community and I'm stoked to give you guys a map that you enjoy!
    I hope to update and add more as soon as I can. But I need a computer. WHICH IS WHY I WANT TO REACH OUT TO BEAMNG AND THE COMMUNITY FOR SOME HELP... I made this map using only my ex-girlfriends computer on days I could either borrow it or simply sit at her place to get it done (painful experience).
    Im saving all my pennies to get my own computer to finish this and create more but life gets in the way sometimes... So I'd like to put it to the community to ask for help in funding a computer capable enough to make maps on. Nothing fancy. Anything is appreciated in my situation.

    Donations or even used computers that you might have on offer would be incredible and would be appreciated so greatly.
    If you're interested in helping in someway to keep this content creation train going, please send me a message :)
    Much love guys!

    I also want to give a shoutout to MysteryManGER, the legendary creator of the Car Jump Arena, because he was a massive help in showing me the way when I was stuck and for letting me use the great viewing platform from Car Jump Arena itself. So theres a little touch of awesomeness in there thanks to MysteryManGER!
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