Outdated The Originators + A.T.E CRD Monster Truck Configs/Skins 1.21

Now you can do backflips in style!

  1. Broken Textures FIXED. (For real this time)

    The Originators
    Made a dumb mistake in my materials files which resulted in missing textures. No worries. All is now fixed.
  2. Keeping it working!

    The Originators
    This update is just to continue easy functionality through the use of configs. Download the mod and they should be visible under the CRD vehicle. These will actually work now. ;D
  3. Cleanup and compatibility fix for new CRD update!

    The Originators
    Tried to clean up The Originators skin a bit and fixed compatibility issue with the newest version of the CRD Monster Truck.
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