Beta The Realistic Derby Project - New Cars! 1.6

A realistic demolition derby mod built by a real life derby driver.

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  2. Crown Vic Limited Weld Update & Hotfix

    Releasing this a little early to fix an issue caused by the update.

    - Fixed engines being solid color

    - Limited Weld Crown Vic parts including new presets, frames, bumpers, bodies, trunk variations, etc
  3. 1987 Crown Vic 6 Month Update

    MAJOR 6 MONTH UPDATE! Brand new car! Completely reworked content!
    - please read bugs section

    New Car - 1987 Crown Vic. This is the biggest project I've ever done, I'm very proud of it and I hope you all love it as much as I do! This body was 3D modeled by myself and tested by a team of derby drivers for nearly SIX MONTHS to get by far the most realistic derby car ever made for BeamNG!

    This car currently is ready to go with all the parts you could need for stock/wire class. Limited...
  4. Bluebuck & Tire Update

    Time for a new car! The bluebuck has been added to the fleet of fullsize cars. This car is very strong up front, so nose out! Please be aware that this car won't appear in the Fairgrounds scenerio until it is updated, but you can still change your car (or CPU cars) to bluebucks and play with them in the meantime. In addition to the bluebuck, I've added 3 new rims modeled after real rims derby drivers like to use, SS, Dodge 10 slots, and F150 rims. I'll add more of these with coming updates,...
  5. 0.17.1 Compatibility Patch

    Removed all known parts conflicting with official BeamNG parts and fixed the RDP Grand Marshal.
    - There is a mesh issue with the new engine model

    Added 5 new derby headers to Moonhawk, these will be added to other cars soon.
  6. Hotfix 1.3.1

    - Improved collision triangles on wagon body, should not get stuck nearly as much now
    - tweaked derby engines
    - updated some presets
  7. Roundback Wagon Update

    After many hours of modding and testing, the 74 Chevy Wagon body is ready to be released! It's a body style for the Moonhawk, and has an identical front frame section. In addition, I've greatly improved how the Grand Marshall bends.

    - Added 74 Chevy wagon body & limited weld frame
    - Added leaf springs & variants
    - added wagon bumper variants
    - Made Limited front frame softer too bend more realistically
    - added braced rear end
    - Added sliding driveshaft
    - Adjusted wheeldata to...
  8. Grand Marshal Update

    This update is being pushed out a little early because I am moving across the country next week. See my post in the discussion thread for my list of known issues/bugs. Happy crashing

    Grand Marshal
    - Reworked Limited Weld frame and body strength and deformation (C pillars, rear quarters, trunk, front frame regions adjusted)
    - Added creased body
    - Added new 3 rear bumper variants
    - Added cage
    - Added rear window bar
    - Added BlackFlag Designs roofsign
    - Added plated drivers door
    - Added 2 new...
  9. Burnside Update

    Universal changes
    - NEW built in compatibility with Fairgrounds Demolition Derby Mod (on their next update)
    - Edge Split all 3D models, texture updates
    - Added .json files
    - Updated all vehicle configs

    Burnside Changes
    - Misc. strength adjustments and tweaks
    - Cleaned up .dae file
    - Fixed trunk "welding"
    - Improved how trunk rolls in
    - Added 4 new trunk variants
    - Added trimmed finders
    - Added creased fenders and body
    - Added front bumper straps
    - Added Painted front bumper
    - Added Cage...
  10. Bug Fixes

    - Removed file affecting original moonhawk models
    - Temporary fix for burnside headers sometimes not showing up
    - vehicle presets should now show up
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