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The Rotting Grounds 1/18/18

This map is nothing but garbage.

  1. DuneWulff
    Somewhere deep within the deserts of North America lies a land of dust and rust...
    Where everything goes to rot.

    The gate to the outside world has been shut for years, now the massive junkyard is only home to vermin and scrappers looking to strike it rich.
    1junk.jpg 1junk2.jpg 1junk3.jpg 1junk4.jpg 1junk5.jpg


    Notes and information:
    This map is a giant trash dump. Filled to the brim with custom textures and other goodies, it is designed mainly for exploration with a teaspoon of stunts and a pinch of Easter eggs. You also get a collection of custom loading screens too.
    Like my other maps, I aim for quality and detail over CPU-friendliness. You will need a decent computer to run this map comfortably.
    The map itself takes a lot of inspiration from Mad Max.

    If you like rust and junk, you should also check out my "config pack", because it is literally full of rusty cars (along with others, of course.)

    Known issues/other things:
    1. Map is slow to load - the massive amount of forest objects is mostly to blame here. It will load, be patient. If it crashes, chances are you don't have enough ram.
    2. AI sometimes like to attempt driving along one-way roads... in the opposite direction. I don't know why this is, but thankfully it is rare and they usually correct themselves.
    3. Tops of gas flares don't have collisions - this is done to save on framerates. Theoretically, you shouldn't be able to get higher than the first few sections.
    4. Mice models are bigger than life-size - they are big mice ;)
    Remember, this is a Beta release. Some small things might need tweaking, but everything is there.

    If you enjoyed, leave a review! If you run into any bugs or issues, please leave a message in the discussion forum. :)

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Recent Reviews

  1. G-Farce
    Version: 1/18/18
    Love the creativity here. Something different but done really well. Only wish my computer could handle it, guess it's time to upgrade
  2. redjaklwhite
    Version: 1/18/18
    I absolutely love this map, it's immersive and unsettling, and a blast to explore. I spent half an hour exploring it in a junky Barstow, and now I'm curious what happened here and why this place is closed off. Can't wait to see what you make next!
  3. Werwaz
    Version: 1/18/18
    good map
  4. SmolBoyeBear
    Version: 1/18/18
    This map is absolutely amazing. And I dare say its a little better than Gastown in Mad Max the game!
    (but gastown has missions and things... so... welp.
  5. M_Racing
    Version: 1/18/18
    WOW. This map is absolute garbage! :)
  6. King_Corduroy
    Version: 1/18/18
    HOLY COW! Can we get a whole game like this? I was running around in this with the Mad Max looking version of the Barstow and wow that was cool as hell. While driving around all I could think of was Fallout 1 & 2, Mad Max and Kin Dza Dza. I would kill for more of this. lol
  7. JayPlaysBeamNG
    Version: 1/18/18
    Bit of background as to why there is a giant junkyard filled with scrappers that are trapped there
  8. eye-in-the-sky-2
    Version: 1/18/18
    It's trash, nothing but trash, literally. Seriously though, really good map . It really captures the Mad Max game vibe. Awesome map!
  9. RetroKing
    Version: 1/18/18
    Dunewulff, you know that i like your Adventure Maps very much! You always surprise me!
  10. Pyro Shepherd
    Pyro Shepherd
    Version: 1/18/18
    This map is complete garbage,why did you put your time into it? (Bcuz you love us lol).
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