The Stairway Mountain 31 aout 2019

a 10km long road and a dirt track who climb until the summit of a big mountain

  1. bobby_boulgat
    A very long road and two dirt tracks climbing , between sea, fields and ... cows, to the summit of a big mountain.
    It's the Stairway mountain ! Drive, drift, rally, trail or crash yourself like a suicidal.
    I've tried to give this map a little feeling of France.

    This map contains scenarios, a campaign, and quickraces:
    -a multiplayer race scenario
    -a trail running
    -the missions with the Pépé René's big truck ( campaign or scenario mode)
    -4 quick races (asphalt/dirt hillclimb/downhill in quickplay mode)

    Have good fun

    thanks to Dega and his "Uhlenkôper Ring" mod for plants, flowers and humans
    thanks to Doullpeper for the sound of the cows
    thanks to the people who have help me. Doullpeper, Burilkovdeni, DirtGamer301 and some others
    thanks to RyvyLo for the translations
    Thanks to you who use my mod and thanks to Beamng

    the videos and the pictures following doesn't necessarily come from the last version of the map

    Trailer by jorgegf74

    Me playing


    1. stairway mountain1.png
    2. stairway mountain3.png
    3. stairway mountain4.png
    4. stairway mountain5.png
    5. stairway mountain6.png
    6. stairway mountain7.png
    7. stairway mountain8.png
    8. stairway mountain9.png
    9. stairway mountain10.png
    10. stairway mountain11.png
    11. stairway mountain12.png
    12. stairway mountain13.png
    13. stairway mountain14.png
    14. stairway mountain16.png
    15. stairway_mountain_preview.jpg
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Recent Updates

  1. bug correction ... again
  2. bug correction
  3. scenarios corrections

Recent Reviews

  1. AndySchwarzenegger
    Version: 25 aout 2019
    Nice Update!!
  2. nitramcivohalv
    Version: 25 aout 2019
    Finally, track for heavy truck uphill.
  3. fufsgfen
    Version: 23avril2017
    This version is really nice to drive, might be nice with trees instead of walls next to road?
    1. bobby_boulgat
      Author's Response
      euh......i have nothing against your note but , excuse me, your argument make no sence in terms of level design, according to me
  4. _Archer_
    Version: 23avril2017
    This is excellent!
    When it comes to recreating a mountain road with many curves and switchbacks and some nice details this one is as close to the real thing as it gets in The "Altiude 1.5" mod might be prettier and have more atmosphere, but from the way your road is designed, this could be any great road in the Alps. Only the Trento/Bondone Hill Climb in Assetto Corsa and the Col de Turini from Dirt Rallye come closer to reality. But yours still is almost as much fun as driving Col d'Izoard or Colle del Nivolet in real life.
    In addition you've thrown in two very different dirt tracks and a very cool ramp :-)
    Your Descent Road mod is also excellent. It reminded me strongly of a road I drove in Sardegna a while ago. Hope you will have the time to (re)create some Alpine environment which is even closer to reality.
    Thanks for your good work.
  5. Cbwr
    Version: 23avril2017
    Very fun map!
  6. Raidoactivebleach
    Version: 23avril2017
    great for rally and touge
  7. ThePigeon
    Version: 23avril2017
    This map doesn't look good but is quite fun to drive on.
  8. Dino 2
    Dino 2
    Version: 23avril2017
    Its a amazing map! i only have on problem. when i try and do uphill races. the AI system keep taking the dirt roads! can someone tell me how i can stop this. i wanna good race with a good map. maybe make a version. without the dirt road?
    1. bobby_boulgat
      Author's Response
      may be if others persons ask
  9. drift addict
    drift addict
    Version: 23avril2017
  10. Troy Verburg
    Troy Verburg
    Version: 23avril2017
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