Outdated The Ultimate Burnside Drag/Performance Package 2016-03-22

The Ultimate Burnside Performance Package (5.7L/7.5L and two transmissions and locked diffs)

  1. Josh
    I tried to keep it as realistic as possible power/torque wise as if it would come factory with this engine as a "performance" package..

    5.7L Performance V8

    It has a race cam and dual barrel carb w/ performance air filter. (automation)

    Torque curve was created via Automation with year preset to 1953.

    357 HP @ 5000 RPM
    381 FTLBS @ 4500 RPM

    I also made a 4 speed automatic race transmission to pair up to the 5.7L.

    its very similar to a TH400, with a added 4th gear.

    7.5L (for the ultimate power junkie)

    783 HP @ 7200 RPM
    686 FTLBS @ 5000 RPM

    It has a race cam, EFI w/ performance air filter, and built bottom end (automation)

    4 Speed Manual

    4 Speed with 4 fully adjustable forward gears and "clutchTorque"

    I also added in

    HD 2.73 locked rear diff
    HD 3.31 locked rear diff
    HD rear suspension
    HD rear shocks
    HD rear leaf springs
    Drag preset

    It gives the Burnside a little pep in its step

    Update 3/12/2016 (waiting for approval)

    New engine thermal simulation for all engines

    Update 2/27/2016

    Here is the newest list, of added parts (going by change log dates)


    Stripped the drag version down
    Added different preview image

    2/27/2016 12:57PM

    Added 7.6L crate engine

    480 HP @ 6000 RPM
    814 FTLBS @1500 RPM

    Yes I said 1500 RPM (its a low end torque monster and man is it fun to do some low end rpm burnouts/doughnuts.)

    2/27/16 11:39 AM

    Added 540 CI big block 1170 HP @ 4500 RPM/ 1621 FTLBS @ 3300 RPM
    Added TR-660 6 speed manual (fully adjustable)
    Added 3.55 locked rear diff
    Added 4.10 locked rear diff

    Update 3/22/2016

    So since the last update was meant to test out thermals (and the vehicle overheated very easy), I finally have a new update to post,

    • Added Performance Radiator

    Guys i'll be adding a few more engines and transmissions in a few days..

    Stay tuned..

    Drag and drop into mods folder.



    1. 540.PNG
    2. 460.PNG
    3. 7.6l.PNG
    4. 5.7.PNG

Recent Reviews

  1. demoguy15
    Version: 2016-03-22
    I love this mod! I'd like to see a roll cage added and maybe the ability to have just one racing seat in the front.... the radiator is a bit weak but that is a small and easy fix. Personally I would like to be able to replace the rear fenders with something else or remove them completely, just somethings to thing about! Love the mod keep up the good work!
  2. mboy66
    Version: 2016-03-22
    love the 540 but it is so annoying when it over heats and the engine gets damage if there is anyway you could fix that I would give this mod 5 stars
    1. Josh
      Author's Response
      Use the Performance Radiator..
  3. sergiopt04
    Version: 2016-03-22
    I have automation and i always wanted to put my 305hp EFI DOHC 4-Cilinder into beamng and slap it in a pessima or a covet and use burk's diff's to make a badass drift car!
    PS: is it hard to convert the engine?
  4. JohntheKid11
    Version: 2016-03-22
    I made an AWD Drift Car out of it with the 7.5L Engine, and even with the new Radiator it overheats very quickly. That´s not goog, considering that I sometimes drift half a minute at high revs.
  5. blaken2015
    Version: 2016-03-22
    The new radiator makes the burnside abusable again >:3
  6. blaken2015
    Version: 2016-03-12
    Don't get me wrong, I simply adore the new dynamics that the thermal simulation system has added to the game: Now I actually have to treat the Burnside with respect as if it were a real-life car.

    However, when using the 'Performance' 354 CI (5.7L) engine, even under conservative and gingerly usage, the engine lubricant oil tends to overheat easily causing damage to the connecting rod bearings.

    I would reconsider my review if the engine was remedied of this problem, perhaps by adding an additional radiator for the oil to ventilate the excess thermal energy or a redesign of the lubrication system in general to transfer the heat from the lubrication circuit to the primary coolant circuit.
    1. Josh
      Author's Response
      The thermals weren't "refined" it was meant to test, but I wanted to get it out and updated. (I was going upload a new update yesterday but I simply forgot.) Thanks for the review though.
  7. bobthebuilder
    Version: 2016-03-12
    fantastic mod !
  8. Vinh
    Version: 2016-02-27
  9. blaken2015
    Version: 2016-02-27
    This is an excellent mod that expands the options for the Burnside Special.
    However, I find difficulty utilizing the engines with the manual transmissions, both stock and included with this mod, as the torque seems to overwhelm it and cause the drive-train to slip, however this is not a problem when connected with an automatic transmission.
    1. Josh
      Author's Response
      Go to the tuning section and adjust the "clutchTorque" its fully adjustable in game for each engine needs. I think the default is 300 N-m which is around the output of the stock V8.
  10. dillon49graebe
    Version: 2016-02-21
    the last update has made this one of my favorite mods for the game thanks for producing such a great mod my friend
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