Outdated The Ultimate Burnside Drag/Performance Package 2016-03-22

The Ultimate Burnside Performance Package (5.7L/7.5L and two transmissions and locked diffs)

  1. 3/22/2016 New Performance Radiator

    So since the last update was meant to test out thermals (and the vehicle overheated very easy), I finally have a new update to post,

    • Added Performance Radiator
  2. New engine thermal simulation

    Update 3/12/16

    New engine thermal simulation

    engine thermal simulation for all engines
  3. A whole slew of new parts !

    Here is the newest list, of added parts (going by change log dates)


    Stripped the drag version down
    Added different preview image

    2/27/2016 12:57PM

    Added 7.6L crate engine

    480 HP @ 6000 RPM
    814 FTLBS @1500 RPM

    Yes I said 1500 RPM (its a low end torque monster and man is it fun to do some low end rpm burnouts/doughnuts.)

    2/27/16 11:39 AM

    Added 540 CI big block 1170 HP @ 4500 RPM/ 1621 FTLBS @ 3300 RPM
    Added TR-660 6 speed manual (fully adjustable)
    Added 3.55 locked rear diff...
  4. Huge Update, Added New Engine, New Transmission etc.

    Update 2/21/2016

    Added 2.73 locked rear diff
    Added 750 HP Ford 7.5 460 "crate engine" (aggressive cam, built bottom end and EFI (automation) )
    Added fully adjustable (clutchTorque and all gears) 4 speed manual transmission, default gear ratios are based of T10 4 speed.)
    Added optional HD rear suspension (to handle all that power the 7.5 puts out). :rolleyes: (WIP)
    Added HD rear shocks
    Added HD rear leaf springs
    Added Drag Preset (for testing purposes as of now)

    And many more to come.....
  5. 2/19/2016 Added 4.30 Locked Rear Differential


    Tweaked shift times.
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