Outdated The Ultimate D Series Performance Package 0.4

The Ultimate D Series Performance Package (Various engines and transmissions.)

  1. Josh
    Hello, i'm back with another "performance" package this time its for the D Series it is also compatible with the roamer as well.

    List of added parts

    • Added 10L Large Single Turbo (2354 HP/ 2429 N~M) Turbo is integrated into the base torque curve.) (All Out Power)
    • Added 8.8L I6 1005 HP/ 2056 N~M
    • Added 11L V8 663 HP/2207 N~M Compound Turbos (2354 HP/ 2429 N~M) Turbos is integrated into the base torque curve.) (Low end torque monster)
    • Added 6R140 6 Speed Automatic
    • Added ZF-6 Speed Manual (Fully adjustable clutchTorque, if pairing this up with a high output engine please remember to adjust the "clutchTorque" for the desired engine output..)
    • Added 4R100 4 Speed Automatic
    • Added HD Live Axle Rear Suspension (SRW)
    • Added "Extra" HD Rear Leaf Springs
    • Added "Extra" HD Rear Shocks
    and many more parts to come.



    • Added new engine thermal simulation (all engines) (WIP)
    • Added 2.3L Ecoboost S371 Turbo (WIP) (right now its impractical, with very little bottom end power but, it is fun to drive paired up with the T10 4 speed on the top end.)
    • Added V12 Twin Turbo
    • Added Drag front brakes
    • Added HD independent front supension
    • Added 2.73 locked rear diff
    • Added T10 4 speed manual
    • Added 2 speed powerglide automatic (drag transmission)
    Upcoming Update (waiting approval)


    • 10L V8 torque curve redone now has 2513 HP and 3084 N~M
    • V12 torque curve redone
    • Added Performance radiator
    • 302 (5.0) DFI V8 W/ turbo tuning

    Make sure to adjust "clutchTorque" in the tuning menu if using the 5.0 with turbo tuning.


    These are only engine.jbeam edits and these use the stock V8/I6 engine models.

    like my other mods, the torque curves are created in automation and are as realistic as possible.


    Drag and drop into mods folder.



    1. 10 Large Single Turbo.PNG
    2. 8.8 I6.PNG
    3. 11L Compound Turbo.PNG
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Recent Reviews

  1. Viggen
    Version: 0.4
    Update the mod for the new version? used to love it!
  2. Qwertyfish01
    Version: 0.4
    It burnouts at 50 mph then overheats
    1. Josh
      Author's Response
      Use the "performance" radiator....
  3. Beam ng fan
    Beam ng fan
    Version: 0.4
    Yeah good one
  4. sergiopt04
    Version: 0.3
    Its really good and its a better alternative to torsions wheelie pack because its more realistic and it can get the same amount of power.
    I'm still wondering how you can make that much power in Automation, because the max horsepower i can is 1017hp and its a 12 liter engine with massive turbos.
  5. Dudeman
    Version: 0.2
    realistic torque curves :)
  6. YoYDawn 2
    YoYDawn 2
    Version: 0.2
    Good, but the gear ratios are quite weird. They don't perform like the should, sometimes they are too short, while others are too long.
  7. mason26 3
    mason26 3
    Version: 0.2
    can this work in 5.0.0
    1. Josh
  8. Epaxx_95
    Version: 0.2
    Looks very cool :)
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