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The Verglas Velodrome Breaking the Ice

A vehicular destruction course around an arctic caldera. Jackets not included.

  1. DuneWulff
    Break the ice / Break a bone.

    A destructive rally course hellbent on leaving you stranded, broken,
    ...and frostbitten.
    Featuring three variations:

    freeze_night_preview.jpg freeze_preview.jpg freeze_test_preview.jpg
    Each with their own unique atmosphere and challenges!
    Each variation also comes included with an available quick race/time trial!
    Verglas Velodrome comes with four unique, rally-spec vehicles. Each vehicle is representative of the difficulty level of driving them.

    The 38 Hatch (Easy)
    A zippy little hatchback outfitted with chunky offroad tires and rally-spec suspension.

    The Thaw'd 40 (Medium)
    A purpose-built trophy truck with suspension built to handle the roughest terrain.

    The 99 Purebred (Hard)
    While it doesn't take kindly to any hard knocks, it makes up for fragility in raw speed. Deep snow and ice will leave it stranded, so keep it high and dry!

    The Splatter 70 (Special)
    A bouncy little Baja bug that is way, way out its natural habitat. What lacks in... everything, it compensates with sheer attitude.

    Look out for the track signage!

    Brown tire signs dictate a path that requires offroad tires and suspension.
    White tire signs dictate a path that is open to most other vehicles.
    screenshot_2019-01-27_13-27-58.png screenshot_2019-01-27_13-27-51.png screenshot_2019-01-27_13-27-23.png screenshot_2019-01-27_13-27-05.png

    As a final note, this map includes one scenario. Should you beat it, take a picture of your time and send me a private message.
    Things of note:
    • I've also created a YouTube playlist which contains music meant to fit with the aesthetic of the map.
    • Larger, heavy duty vehicles such as the T-series or the Bus will struggle on this course due to the rapid changes in inclination throughout the track.
    • The mountain section of the course utilizes strong winds on some parts. Some winds help you gain speed, others will push you towards a very long way down.
    • Groundmodels are currently bugged. Once they are fixed, the (non-path) snow will be noticeably deeper.
    • Please report any bugs/weird things, just not in the review section. Leave that for constructive criticism and destructive disapproval.
    • Festival version uses music by @TDK , if you want to disable this open the world editor and scroll to the "night" folder. Disable the SFX emitter playing "synthwave."
    • There's also a custom license plate which comes default on all of the map variations.

Recent Reviews

  1. Trastorno
    Version: Breaking the Ice
    I'll miss your content. This is an excellent sendoff.
  2. Zero_code_name_Reaper
    Version: Breaking the Ice
    Wish it was bigger but still fun nonetheless.
    One thing i am curious on is how you got the music to sound like it was playing inside the cab when you switch to interior camera because that's freaking neat. Didn't know that was a thing.
  3. Michaelflat
    Version: Breaking the Ice
    Amazing, the festival version is my favourite, the snow, the lighting and music is superb, the winds are awesome, this should be in the featured section :) Runs very well, and the map looks awesome, can't wait for the terrain ground model bug to be fixed

    Only slight issue is that some trees look a bit weird, where the leaves are high up but the bottom of the tree is bare.
  4. wangyiming721
    Version: Breaking the Ice
  5. hugotronix04
    Version: Breaking the Ice
    Awesome, as always! Would you make a Motorstorm Apocalypse-style map in the future?
  6. Dogemcdogersonthe24th
    Version: Breaking the Ice
    Ghost BC in the playlist? I see you are a man of culture as well.
  7. Kueso
    Version: Breaking the Ice
    man you just dont play around!
    these maps a top quality! keep it up
  8. NeoSlx
    Version: Breaking the Ice
    hehe, photos made with paint.net
    1. DuneWulff
      Author's Response
      I don't even know what is c:
  9. CN877
    Version: Breaking the Ice
    I absolutely love this. It's my new favourite map for destruction and testing vehicles. It is also very well made, with a high level of attention to detail. My favourite version in particular is 'Festival'. It has an incredible atmosphere and the use of TDK's music and the Northern Lights in the sky really are the cherry on top!

    Amazing work!
    1. DuneWulff
      Author's Response
      Thanks c:
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