TIAF Cub 1.2

The most Italian city car ever built.

  1. proudengineer
    "Improve your mobility needs". The famous advertorial of TIAF Cub

    /T/I/A/F/ Cub is a wallet-friendly, absolutely no-frills city car produced by Italian automotive monopoly TIAF between 1982 to 2003. As it enjoys this very long production life, approx. 6000000 pieces has made worldwide (about 45% sold for domestic and it was bestseller of Italy for 15 years, that means Cub really "improved mobility needs of Italy").

    Almost unlimited amount of customization options, a very simple all cloth interior with easily removable and fully foldable seats and very easily servicable parts made Cub's way into an absolute success.

    First full size prototype of Cub built in 1980. Development of Cub began in 1978 in collaboration with Carrozzeria Bonetti, the most prominent design studio of Italy.

    Over the years, as its customers' needs, Cub had many variations such as water cooled and injected 1049 and 1301, Rallye, Lusso, Van, 4x4, Diesel, Ibrido, Elettra, Automatica and more. As the production was finalized in July of 2003, Cub succeeded into its five-door second generation.

    Tricolore su TIAF Cub 30.

    • Technical specifications:
      • Engine: 903 cc inline 4 cylinder, air cooled, OHV gasoline engine with 2-barrel economy type carburetor runs on 95 octane unleaded.
      • Drivetrain: 4 speed manual transmission with single dry plate clutch, transversely mounted engine, front wheel drive layout.
      • Chassis and Suspension: Partial aluminum unibody 3 door hatchback; front McPherson struts, rear dead axle with semi-elliptical springs with gas mono-tube shocks.
      • Wheels: 135/80 R13 medium compound tires with 5Jx13 steelies.
      • Brakes: 220 mm diameter solid discs with single piston caliper, 160 mm diameter simplex drums
      • Wheelbase: 2200 mm
      • Performance:
        • Maximum power and torque: 41 PS@5300 rpm, 68 Nm@3400 rpm.
        • Maximum speed: 153 km/h
        • Acceleration in 0-100 km/h: 15.8 seconds
        • Braking distance for 100-0 km/h: 42,1 m
        • Weight-to-power ratio: 16,1 kg/PS

    About the mod: Mod features a very detailed interior, accurate and detailed data taken from original Automation .car file, Autobello Piccolina's colors (plus one more as default called Bianco Corfu).

    Many thanks to:
    Norman Vauxhall for Znopresk Zanda body and front grill
    Quotex for fonts used on the body
    Maxbombe for interior parts
    Centurion_23 for wheels

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