Beta Tilty and Offset Licence Plates 1.0

Move those plates about

  1. ItsJustCurtis
    A simple mod, but something to add a little bit extra to your builds if BeamNG is as much a styling game as a crashing game!

    So far the mod adds alternate licence plate locations for the 200BX, old Pessima and the Covet. I will update with other cars in future, but these three were my priority.

    The 200BX also has plates made for the widebody bumpers, you need to select the additional bumper in the menu to use the plates.




    Rear tilty plates for all 3

    The mod was tested using only vanilla parts. It does work on mod parts where the original licence plate slots are available, however you may find some locations clip through bumpers where the shape hasn't been accounted for.

    NB for some reason this is quite an intensive mod, and I experience a fair amount of UI slowdown with it enabled, not sure if thats because of all the new JBEAMs and cross-references it adds. If anyone can help me increase the efficiency of it that would be much appreciated.

Recent Reviews

  1. KenKen911
    Version: 1.0
    super coooool
  2. bytx
    Version: 1.0
    small detail but yet so good
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