Beta Titan Prerunner 3.5

The original highly-edited Automation trophy truck

  1. skyeyemx
    screenshot_2019-02-15_21-10-56.png screenshot_2019-02-15_21-36-27.png screenshot_2019-02-15_21-09-01.png

    2016 SKY Titan Prerunner

    SCORE Trophy Truck
    Perhaps the best offroader Automation has ever seen
    (but don't quote me on that)

    The Titan Prerunner is a lightweight high-performance off-road truck, that comes in 3 variants:

    The Utility:

    A tough and rugged premium utility truck capable of light off-road use. Powered by a unique twincharged 5.2-liter inline-4 on a 5-speed semi-automatic transmission, it produces a monstrous 650 lb-ft of torque at 1600 RPM, and is capable of 17.5 MPG. Stiff progressive leaf springs in the rear provide optimum ride quality with 300 pounds in the bed. It also comes equipped with functioning front and rear tow hitches; make a train!

    The Prerunner:

    The star of the show; a stripped-down, lightweight and powerful 4WD prerunner with excellent handling and speed. Weighs only 3700lb, and produces 910 horsepower. Equipped with a 3-speed automatic transmission, a 2-range transfer case, and lockable differentials, the Prerunner is the most capable of the Titans, and even makes for an excellent rockcrawler too. Features a custom rollcage and removed bumpers and bed.

    The Trophy Truck:

    The man's toy. Weighing in at a monstrous 5,500lb and producing just over 1,000 horsepower sent to the rear wheels through a 6-speed sequential transmission, the Trophy Truck is compliant with all SCORE Trophy Truck rules, and is ready for the Baja 1,000.
    screenshot_2019-02-15_21-11-23.png screenshot_2019-02-15_21-13-26.png screenshot_2019-02-15_22-16-33.png
    Small features:
    - Steel rollbars
    - Foglights
    - Literally useless spare tires
    - Custom edited suspension and jbeam for optimum performance
    - 39" tyres on 17" rims for the Prerunner and Trophy variants

    It's also got some engine specifics pasted on the rear end, to make sure whoever is behind you knows exactly why he'll never win

    "weird flex but ok"
    -Sebastian Vettel, after seeing a Titan Prerunner's back end outrun him on Monza (totally legit)

    All Titan trucks feature heavy jbeam editing and lightly customized meshes, allowing significantly better performance than possible with Automation alone.

    1.0 - Beta version with placeholder suspension
    1.2 - Improved suspension and more realistic brakes
    1.4 - Completely reworked suspension for better handling off-road
    1.6 - Minor visual updates; changed default color
    1.8 - Improved suspension
    1.10 - 165% increased suspension travel, by switching to fragile coil-sprung live axles
    1.12 - Reverted front suspension to double wishbone, improved rear suspension, beginning testing on Bajarama

    2.0 - The Competition Update; major changes to bring the truck to SCORE Trophy Truck standards; see Updates page
    2.2 - (does not exist because BeamNG wouldn't let me use "2.2" oddly enough)
    2.4 - Two new variants; now you can choose between the fragile but capable solid front axle, or the tough but rough double wishbone. Or, an all-new civilian utlity variant
    2.6 - New jbeam-edited progressive dampers improving both hard impact tolerance and bumpy terrain performance
    2.6.1 - Bug fixes for 2.6, and new menu images for the prerunner setups
    2.8 - Changed the three setups; now there's the Titan Farmer, the Prerunner, and the Trophy Truck
    2.8.1 - Small suspension tuning
    2.10 - Audible suspension and small damper changes
    2.12 - Automation Open Beta upgrades

    3.0 - The Prerunner Update; major model changes to the Prerunner, and many jbeam edits make it more capable than ever before
    3.2 - Titan Utility updates; improved the utility variant to reduce torque converter slip, increase top speed, and increase torque

Recent Reviews

  1. TheCrySick
    Version: 3.5
    Hi! :)

    First thing I want to say: Congratulation! This truck look absolutely amazing, especially the prerunner, and the suspension tuning is simply perfect! The best Automation off-roader? Yes, probably!

    But I have 3 suggestions:
    - It could be fun to add a RWD transmission on the prerunner and a AWD transmission for the trophy as new customs parts, and create the corresponding configuration :)
    - I think an AWD transmission with limited slip differentials for the prerunner should be better, because with the current 4WD transmission, you can’t use the handbrake to help you turn in some small corners. But you can keep the current 4WD transmission as a different part, to preserve the rock crawler aspect of the truck
    - The wheels snap off extremely easily (a common issue with Automation cars), maybe you can edit the Jbeam to increase the strength of the suspensions? :P

    If you want, I can help you for each of the 3 suggestions, just tell me :)
    But I can already give you this link:

    Amazing work mate :)
  2. Mark Good
    Mark Good
    Version: 3.4
    Great mod :)
  3. Im_a_Lefty
    Version: 3.2
    The rear brakes on the prerunner just fade for no reason
    1. skyeyemx
      Author's Response
      That's the handbrake; when at a standstill, disable the handbrake. For some reason it causes heavy rear brake fade
  4. PlayKoyote24
    Version: 3.2
    Really good mod dude
  5. lonewolf1247
    Version: 2.8.1
    This mod is great but I won't accept defeat just yet, quick question have you been jbeam/file editing? because it's a pretty good mod. ಠ⌣ಠ
    1. skyeyemx
      Author's Response
      Update 2.6 and beyond have edited suspension files, but that's it
  6. lonewolf1247
    Version: 2.4
    When I load in the mod the Solid version and the regular version are literally the exact same, so that needs fixed I loaded the .car file in and imported it in automation just to see the difference and there was but when i load them in on BeamNG the slid one and reg. one are the exact same.
    1. skyeyemx
      Author's Response
      Alright, I looked into it, and it appears they are, in fact, not the same. Visually, the two trucks share the same paintjob; the only difference is their front suspension. Turn Zero Gravity on, and you'll see that one of them has significantly higher suspension travel than the other
  7. lonewolf1247
    Version: 2.0
    Great mod keep it up. (☞゚∀゚)☞
  8. Im_a_Lefty
    Version: 2.0
    I guess i'm the only one reviewing this mod
  9. Im_a_Lefty
    Version: 1.10
    Just keeps getting better
  10. Im_a_Lefty
    Version: 1.4
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