Beta Torque Converter Clutch Lockup Switch (TCC) 1.0

TCC Lockup Switch

  1. Wendover Support


    • Added Wendover Support
    • Changed Wentward Bus Lockup Key from "F" to Numpad 0 (For compliance with 0.22)
  2. Bluebuck Support

    UPDATE 08/19/2019

    • Added support for bluebuck (Toggle with "G" Key)
  3. Added support for wentward city bus !

    UPDATE 04/02/2018

    • Added support for wentward city bus (Toggle key is replaced by "Numpad 0")
  4. Changed Notifications

    Changed notifications when converter is locked or unlocked.
  5. Added support for a few mod vehicles and other changes

    Added support certain mod vehicles

    • Code name: oldfullsize mod
    • CRD Monster Truck mod
    Added message when TCC is unlocked "TCC UNLOCKED"


    TCC lockup switch WILL NOT lock or unlock TCC when above preset jbeam parameter "torqueConverterLockupMinGear"..
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