Outdated Torsion D-Series Wheelie Monster r17

Bulletproof Edition

  1. Initial v0.8 support

    Changes for v0.8:
    1. Refreshed engine.
    2. Refreshed and modified rear axle: anti-spin harness is now stiffer, main axle beams now have a 33% higher deform limit. Removed older tweaks.
    3. Refreshed radiator for Pickup/Roamer.
    4. Remade config files for Pickup/Roamer. Pickup & Roamer configs now use the same transmission.
    The reconfigured rear axle will still twist enough to break your driveshaft if you are not gentle. This is not really accurate, but I leave it that way as a substitute for other more realistic forms of breakage which are not currently modeled in the game. :)

    The Roamer no longer consistently destroys the rear axle during stunts. If you're used to the rear axle disappearing and the wheels veering inwards, this should be fixed.

    It's possible to do wheelies with the keyboard but better to use a controller.
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