Torsions Vehicle-to-Vehicle Couplers v08

Overhauled Giant Chain!

  1. Major Overhaul

    1. Modular chain! Using the parts config menu you may now select chain lengths from 1/3 of the previous norm up to over 4x as long. :)
    2. Improved deformation! Completely reworked flexBody mapping, it's now way, way better. In my opinion this new setup is better than the Giant Flail's current chain deformation.
    3. Detangling / movement accuracy improvments. I'd appreciate feedback on this. I've added a bunch of beams to limit the chain's movement. The...
  2. MODERATION : removed not used files

    MODERATION : removed not used files
  3. minor tweaks

    • D15 parts changes:
      • Renamed "short chain - female" to "Short Towstrap (Female)"
      • Added very basic flexbody (mesh) to "Short Towstrap (Female)" so it's not invisible anymore. Tweaked jbeam to accommodate my mesh.
      • Removed "Tow Hitch - Female" from D15. I can add this back, but I doubt that anyone was using it since "Short Towstrap (Female)" is generally better. This had just become unnecessary cruft in the menu at this point.
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  4. parts and configs

    • Added real preview image.
    • Moved couplers into slots.
    • Added additional coupler types. Couplers now include:
      • Female ball (attaches to standard hitches)
      • Makeshift fifth wheel peg (for vehicles such as the Semi)
      • Male ball (Difficult to use, but workable with effort - attaches to standard trailers.)
    • Added 3 selectable configs w/ a default of female ball-to-ball on double-click.
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  5. Second hitch for Giant Chain

    Minor update:
    • Added a second hitch mesh to the Giant Chain. Previously the Giant Chain had only a single hitch and chain links so one end of the chain appeared to have a chain link attaching directly to a hitch. This is now corrected.
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  6. bugfix

    Removed an extraneous jbeam file that was causing problems for some users.
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