Tough Truck 1.01

Built to survive all driving tasks Endurodrome surviver?

  1. kaijucat
    its built for any terrain mainly the Endurodrome it will survive until it runs out of gas unless you crash it into something.

    it will survive a hit to the radiator for 1-3 lap.

    best distance is has done is 35 laps the only damage was a popped tire it stopped because it ran out of fuel caused by extra friction from the tire.

    It also handles well on most(not over boulders, extremely steep hills, etc.) dirt roads/rough terrain or jumps at high speed.

    Endurodrome: screenshot_2019-02-18_16-13-441.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. D-15 but 2x tougher

Recent Reviews

  1. mannperson
    Version: 1.01
    The config sounds amazing but I cant find it! Am I missing something? Or does it replace a default config?
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