Tow Hitches for non-towable cars. 1.40

Get your welders out, bolts or whatever, and strap them onto un-towable cars!

  1. Removed Wigeon

    Vibestation 5
    Wigeon already had a tow hitch in the game files.
  2. The three horsemen of the apocalypse. CVT, DCT and Automatic.

    Vibestation 5
    Only a fool would have one kind of gearbox, here at Civett- I mean Vibestation Labs, we have designed the perfect formula for the 1980s Italian Supercar everyone loved, A CVT, despite being very unreliable is good for racing, no shifting needed. The automatics are conversions of the original Bolide Manual.

    Lordlichi06: The idea of the infamous CVT in a Bolide, Finding the JBeam error while making the transmissions one JBeam
    TheTalkingBath: Fixing JBeam, making it appear
  3. Whole mod is in a sub-folder inside the respective vanilla cars.

    Vibestation 5
    This small update just makes the mod it's own sub-folder inside the respective vehicle folders to avoid potential conflicts in the future if that happens.
  4. Pre-approval Patch 3

    Vibestation 5
    Final fixes before repository approval involving Bolide's Transaxle. A true pain.
  5. Pre Approval Patch 2

    Vibestation 5
    Added Diesel 5.8L V8 to Bolide.
  6. Pre-approval patching

    Vibestation 5
    -Removed model names of cars from their towing configs to avoid having duplicated model names in configuration selector.
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