Tow Transmissions 2.0

transmissions ment for towing... and one for the bluebuck. plus an engine.

  1. More options, Updated logic!

    zippyzach 2
    Updated shift logic and added more cars.
    Also put a "PHP" prefix on all the transmissions and related parts to help with organization. (Poor House Performance)
    Updated list
    1. d-series/roamer - 4,6,and 8 speed with torque converters.
    2. Bluebuck - 4 and 10 speed with torque converters
    3. Grand Marshal - 4 and 6 speed with torque converters
    4. Legran - 6 and 8 speed with torque converters
    5. Van - 4 and 10 speed with torque converters
    6. Wendover - 6 speed with torque converter.
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