Toxic Wendover skin 0.2

a wendover skin made using layered fractals

  1. ⛧Jet⛧
    made from layered fractals. want any specific color? something custom made? contact me at
    you are free to modify, and reupload modified versions only, just credit me in your description.


    1. 20220405220804_1.jpg

Recent Updates

  1. file structure fix

Recent Reviews

  1. alaskansincolorado
    Version: 0.2
    I like how the decal looks on the car and I really appreciate you adding a picture for showing the decal on the car (Not too many people do that lol) but I have two things to suggest. One, you should add a rearview picture. The other thing is that, and I might be wrong with this because I have not gotten the mod yet, but it looks like parts of the decal are cut off. If you are reading this, I not trying to be mean. Thanks :)
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