Toyota 4Runner Gauge Cluster re-texture for Ibishu Hopper (km/h) 1.0

[km/h model] Based on the 1st gen SR5 4runner, replaces the default Hopper gauge cluster.

  1. STERFRY333
    This re-texture was created mainly because the JDM Dove mod doesn't have its own custom gauge cluster, so here it is! It works on the Ibishu Hopper as well as the JDM Dove mod.. Note: it does not replace the default cluster, once you disable/remove the mod it goes back to the normal cluster.

    MPH: Link


    If you have any question or suggestions, please feel free to comment in the discussion tab! Also if you want the inner MPH ring to look like the MPH variant, please let me know; I couldn't decide what looks better.


    Done Planed Variants:
    [ ✓ ] MPH
    [ ✓ ] km/h
    [ ] High revving variant (8000RPM) (both MPH and km/h)
    [ ] Alternative custom Cluster (all gauges will have shaded low/high danger ranges)
    [ ] JDM variant (only had km/h and a few other minor changes)
    [ ] Dirty variant (MPH and km/h) that will match very well with a crawler/derby setup!

    These will all be added to this mod as a package (once I figure out how). I will try to work on them as much as possible, and if you want to suggest a variant (even from other vehicles) I will happily make one!

Recent Reviews

  1. thegaming11
    Version: 1.0
    can you do this but like the Chevrolet Monza of Brazil for the ibishu pessima 1 gen?
    1. STERFRY333
      Author's Response
      Yes definitely!
  2. CN877
    Version: 1.0
    Looks great! Really high quality and suits my configs well

    Although please don't overwrite official parts! It should be it's own gauge cluster, not overwriting the Hopper's.
    1. STERFRY333
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the feedback! It will go back to the normal cluster once you disable/remove the mod.
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