Beta Toyota Truck Engines 1.3.1

A Land Rover will get you there, but a Land Cruiser will get you back.

  1. moderation: fix

    car_killer: fixed zip issue
  2. Crashing fix and additions

    In this update, I fixed the issue where the game crashes whenver an engine is selected. I also added:

    - New sound for 1GR
    - New sound for 5VZ
    - Added twin turbos and race ECU to 3UR
    - Added a Toyota Limited Slip Rear Differential + 4.30 rear gear ratios
    - Made some tweaks to the 5.7 transmissions
    - Made some tweaks to the tow-haul torque converter

    ...and that's about it. DM me if you want a certain engine added and I'll see what I can do.
  3. 5VZ-FE and Minor Tweaks to 3UR-FE

    Added a 5VZ-FE after a few requests on the review page.

    -Includes a modified sound
    -Stage 1 Turbo
    -Makes around 400hp max
    -Changed the exhaust sound on the 3UR-FE
    -Changed supercharger pitch sound on 2UZ-FE
  4. moderation: fix

    Car_Killer: Fixed corrupted zip
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