Trackfab Unlimited 2.3

V8 powered unlimited class buggy with loads of suspension travel

  1. Suspension bumpstops adjustements and other changes.

    • Fix front shock mounts meshes not appearing
    • Adjusted spring and bump-stop beamDeform values. Suspension can still collapse on hard impacts but it shouldn't be getting stuck like before. Thanks to @Kirakat for the bug report and information on how to replicate it.
    • Moved hard bump-stops to the suspension jbeam, to avoid issues when using no coil-overs.
    • Added hydraulic bump-stops to the coil-overs, should help reduce bottoming out.
    • Added sound for the coil-overs
    • Added low range transfer-case, locking diffs and a crawler variant. It's not great at it since it's so rear heavy, but it kinda works
    • Switch dune hopper variants to use the Automatic gearbox. It's not as direct but it should help reduce stalling issues.
    • Switched ride height to use precompressionrange instead of precompression. If your custom variants are spawning with the suspension lifted very high, you'll have to readjust the ride height. 0 is meant as a good starting point for most variant, and is used on the trail variants.
    • Added drag radiator. Should reduce overheating on the supercharged variants
    • Adjusted trailing arm pivot points to reduce bump-steer and camber gain
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