Tradewind EPA-Traktor 1.0

A Swedish type of vehicle called EPA-Traktor.

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    What is an EPA-Traktor?
    It's a vehicle most common in Sweden that allows 16 year olds to drive a car-like vehicle using just an AM license. But there are drawbacks ofcourse. You are not allowed to go faster than 30 km/h but the "car" is allowed to have a higher top speed than 30 km/h. The cabin space must not be large, only allowing 2-4 passangers depending on front seating. Also you're not allowed to have any sort of rear suspension and you need a LGF (Långsamt Gående Fordon) sign on the rear. You aren't allowed to build EPA-Trakors anymore but you're allowed to drive them. They have been replaced now by something called an A-Traktor.

    I used a different method of making an LGF sign this time, the positive being it no longer requires a red bonnet, the drawback being it glows whenever you brake. I avoided using mods within Automation this way.

    This is my second one of these, I got enough requests to make another one so I did. With this one being more fun to drive and a different style to the traditional boxy ones.

    It has 3 gears, 1st limited to 30km/h, 2nd to 58 km/h and 3rd to 102 km/h.
    Inline 4 turbocharged engine, rear wheel drive and a lockable differential to aid sliding about.
    (Making it accurate to a real life EPA-Traktor is impossible within Automation itself so this is the closest I could get with the model year chosen.)

    Here's the old one (keep in mind that it actualy is old and I'm probably not going to update it)

    (It also may or may not have a slight resemblance to a Volkswagen Passat, which may or may not be intentional)


    1. back.jpg
    2. front.jpg
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