Outdated Traffic Tool 1.2.1

It's here! Create dynamic traffic on almost any map!

  1. Version 1.1


    Welcome to Version 1.1! I've put in a ton of hours into this, and there's still so much that I wanna do. I wouldn't wanna keep everyone waiting, though. Check out this list!

    New Features
    • Cleaner code; a thing that every programmer should take pride in!
    • Spawner options! You can choose what group of vehicles will spawn in ahead of you! Yes, you'll be able to spawn in any vehicle from your collection! Plus, you can mix multiple groups by adjusting the total, step by step.
    • More robust traffic! They can now drive on both lanes of some highways (if the roads are set up well; try Italy!), react better to vehicles in front of them, pull over for police, drive to the side of some narrow roads, use their headlights in the dark, and use their hazard lights if damaged enough.
    • You can escape and hide from the police, and they'll give up!
    • A button for metric or imperial units
    • Better respawn rate usage; set it to 0 to stop all respawning!
    • Script won't screw up if trailers or props exist! Play soccer in traffic with the giant soccer ball!
    • Several hidden settings (which I'll explain later)
    • A bunch of minor bug fixes
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