Experimental Trailers in Parts Selector 1.02

When you're too lazy to attach a trailer manually

  1. Agent_Y


    Here's a quick overview of what you can do with this mod, separated into a few sections to make the description more tidy.

    This mod adds all of the vanilla trailers to the parts selectors of cars. It should work on most vanilla cars that have tow hitches, as well as many mods. It might not work properly (or at all) on some mods, it all depends how the mod author set up the tow hitch. There is nothing I can do if my mod doesn't support a certain mod vehicle.

    Where should you look for the trailers? It's quite easy. Tow hitches in vanilla cars have an unused slot, which used to be for a vanilla trailer for the D-Series, which was removed years ago. But the slot stayed, and got carried over to most vanilla vehicles. Just open the tow hitch slot and you will find this:

    All vanilla trailers are supported by the mod: Small and large utility trailers, small flatbed trailer, travel trailer and the giant flail (which is not a trailer, so it doesn't have some of the features metioned below related to the suspension or loads). You can select the one you want, and configure it.

    Speaking of configuration, all the parts selectable on the vanilla trailers are also selectable on these ones. So you can add the silver skins to the utility trailers, stripes to the caravan, license plates, remove the tailgates or fenders, etc. There are some extras though, and I'll explain them now.

    Firstly, for each trailer you can select how it attaches to the car:

    "Beam attachment" is basically how you attach any part to the car, like doors, headlights, etc. It will be attached already on spawn, can only be detached by breaking off, and can't be reattached later unless you respawn the whole car. With this attachment, the trailer legs will retrace automatically and can't be extended back.
    "Coupler attachment" is how you normally attach a trailer. It won't be attached on spawn, you need to do it manually like with vanilla trailers, but you can also detach and reattach it later whenever you want. Note that unlike in vanilla trailers, you will have to manually retrace the trailer legs using the triggers on them, and you can extend them later when you detach the trailer.

    Secondly, you can select whether the camera is zoomed out when the trailer is attached (it is by default):

    Lastly, I know a lot of people (including myself) don't like vehicle triggers. So by default, tailgates of the trailers don't have them, and they don't have any key bindings to them either, thus they can't be opened. But for each trailer, you can manually change the tailgate to one that has triggers so you can open it:

    Aside from these extras, there are also some changes in the slots system of each trailer. The caravan has many of its own specific changes. It has been separated into individual removable components:

    All of them can be removed, some can be replaced with other ones:
    • You can change the normal propane tanks to experimental explosive ones, BUT BETTER DON'T DO IT. They are a failed experiment that I left in the mod just for fun. 99.9% of the time they just cause an instability when you try to node grab them, 0.1% of the time they completely obliterate everything lol. They create a MASSIVE fireball when you use "explode" or "break" in the "fun stuff" in radial menu. The temperature gets so high that it literally MELTS the car's engine. So... Don't use them for normal driving/crashing.
    • You can replace the interior with cargo space and put loads in it, more info about that later. Note that it doesn't support load straps, so everything will bounce around inside.

    There are also changes in the suspension of every trailer. Basically, due to the way tow hitches are positioned in vanilla vehicles, the normal wheels system didn't work on the trailers. So I made custom asymmetrical wheels for every trailer:

    All the trailers aside from the caravan use 4-lug wheel hubs. For these hubs, I made 9 selectable steel wheels for each, that come in 4 different sizes and various colors, and each of them has 3 selectable tire types on average. The caravan uses 5-lug wheel hubs, where I made 16 selectable steel wheels for each side, that have 5 different sizes and various colors and designs, and each has 4 selectable tire types on average. Only steel wheels are supported, because there are so many wheels in the game I couldn't port all of them, and the rest don't even make sense on the trailers. You still have some radial, sport and whitewall tires for some of them even though they make no sense.

    Each wheel and tire can be changed or removed separately, for some trailers also each brake. They can be adjusted in the Tuning tab, and each tire has separately tunable pressure:

    Another thing that is different in my trailers than in vanilla ones, is that they have more selectable loads. Let's talk about them in this next section.


    Each trailer in this mod, including the caravan when you replace the interior with cargo space, uses the same common loads selection. Even if the load doesn't physically fit, you can still try to put it inside because why not. There are many loads to select, so I'll describe each one individually here:

    1. 4 Crawler Wheels (139kg)
      4 wheels from the Crawler Hopper, strapped to the trailer together. When the strap breaks, they all become loose.

    2. 55 Gallon Steel Barrell (18kg)

      A single loose barrell that can hold 55 gallons of a liquid you select (by default it's oil). The liquid adds weight to the barrel based on its density. I added 34 selectable liquids and listed the weight of each of them, some of them are crazy and aren't really liquids lol:
      The heaviest ones are so heavy that you can't lift them on normal gravity. (Some you can't lift on ANY gravity!) The infinite mass one is actually so heavy that it instantly disappears and I'm not sure why lol.

    3. Adjustable Metal Box

      Unstrapped adjustable metal box prop. Comes with 2 selectable variants: with and without decals. Similarly to the vanilla prop equivalent, you can fully adjust it in the Tuning tab:

    4. Hay Bale Square (420kg)
      The vanilla hay bale square, attached with 2 straps that can break independently.

    5. Long Wooden Planks (2100kg)

      The vanilla load, now available on every trailer in the mod.

    6. Rocks

      The vanilla rock props, unstrapped, with all the selectable variants you have in the game (except for the triple one which doesn't fit in any trailer):

    7. Short Wooden Planks (1400kg)

      Like the long planks, but short.

    8. Single Crawler Wheel (35kg)
      Like the 4 crawler wheels, except there's just 1 of them, and it's not strapped to the trailer.
    9. TastiCola Crate (500kg)

      A single TastiCola crate from the T-Series trailer ported here. Attached with 3 straps, and placed on a pallet that can also fall off the trailer independently.
    10. Tire Stack (130kg Total)

      Unstrapped tire stack that is not interconnected and instantly falls over, separating into 9 individual tires. You can remove each tire independently, as well as adjust the pressure of each one (boundaries are pretty low because the tires are not attached to wheels so they would freak out when you tried to add more pressure):
      This load is taken from a mod I made some time ago:
    11. Unstrapped Mattress (59kg)

      The mattress.
    12. Unstrapped Mattress Stack (177kg)

      The mattress, except there are 3 of them.
    13. Wooden Crate (Adjustable Mass)

      Like the one in the Pigeon bed. I made sure it doesn't explode.
    So this is all about the loads. But there's one more thing to this mod that isn't related to tow hitches:

    The mod also supports the Gavril T-Series with its own trailers! Not only does it let you add them yourself, but it also gives you pre-made configurations with attached trailers ready to go!
    The TastiCola configs come with a new skin made by my friend Felipe, who also made the Dubai Police SBR4 skin for my other mod.

    But if you want to add a trailer yourself to a config that doesn't have one, I'll tell you how. It's simple, you just have to change fifth wheel to my custom version:

    By default, it will spawn with the dry van trailer, but you can change it to the flatbed or the tanker if you wish. The fifth wheel also gives you the same options as the trailers for cars:

    I'll go over what options each trailer gives to you now quickly:

    • Every trailer gives you an ABS option like the vanilla ones, as well as an option to choose how the trailer legs are controlled:
      Note that automatically retraced you can't extend back, while trigger-controlled you have to control each time you attach and detach the trailer, including on each spawn and reset.
    • The dry van trailer in the mod gives you way more options for parts to remove parts than the vanilla one, but of course old options like skins and stuff still work:

      All of this because I wanted a removable underride guard lol.
      It has some more options for the doors too. I know many people don't like triggers, so by default they are off, and the doors can be only opened with the key binding that is in the mod by default:

      But you can add the triggers back if you want: doors.png

      There's one more thing, about the dryvan loads. The mod includes the vanilla TastiCola load, but combined with the whole vehicle and trailer, this might be too laggy for some people. So I also added unbreakable versions that don't lag:
    • The flatbed trailer has the same options as the vanilla one, + an option to remove the rear frame and underride guard:
    • The tanker trailer includes an option to remove the ladder, other than that it's identical to the vanilla one:

      Except it also gives you more options for the loads:
      Similarly to the barrel, the weight depends on the density. The liquid iron is the heaviest and instantly collapses the trailer on normal gravity (on moon gravity you do massive wheelies with it lol). Titanium is the second heaviest, you can (barely) transport it on normal gravity.

    So yeah, it's a pretty big mod... Obviously, there are some issues that I know of:
    • It might not work properly or at all for some mods
    • Might not support T-Series mods properly or at all
    • Caravan might lag the parts selector slightly due to having many selectable parts
    • Slots are not in order sometimes but I can't fix it
    • Cars with modern ESC drive weird with the trailers, will be fixed by next major update of the game (one of the game devs already fixed it on his end)
    • Idk what else but I probably missed something

    Credits: TastiCola skin by Felipe Maciel, pretty much everything by BeamNG adjusted by me to fit the mod, some stuff only by me

    That's all for the mod, enjoy! Below some info for the contest.


    1. permission_proof.png
    2. console_example.png

Recent Reviews

  1. TheWater1234
    Version: 1.02
    Flat trailer and tube setups don't work (I mean you can see the stripes but not the steel tubes). Also, tractor units are reborn ALWAYS in black and cannot be changed to another color. @Agent_Y please fix this great mod!
    1. Agent_Y
      Author's Response
      The mod needs a complete rework, it was lazy and extremely rushed, a lot more stuff is broken and I have no idea when I will have the time to get to it
  2. Madkirk74
    Version: 1.02
    is there a way to add trailers to it? like, add trailers to be selectable without having to do a bunch of coding and crap?
    1. Agent_Y
      Author's Response
      No, if it was easy to add any trailer to this then I would have done it, but it took me several days to add each trailer and it was also boring to do
  3. Camera2004
    Version: 1.02
    Nice mod! But the textures of the orange dryvan lights are broken, could that be fixed?
    1. Agent_Y
      Author's Response
      All light textures are broken and I have no idea why, all materials and DDS are up to date, if I knew what was wrong I would have fixed it a long time ago
  4. locualo
    Version: 1.02
    what a wonderful mod how didnt i find it earlier?
    Could you please add more trailers? I think this mod should be more visible i found it by pure luck
    1. Agent_Y
      Author's Response
      I won't be adding more trailers, it's not as easy as it seems
  5. BryceSTP
    Version: 1.02
    Holy this makes everything so much easier, tysm for this mod.
  6. Solo gaming
    Solo gaming
    Version: 1.01
    The thing about this mod i like the most is that the trailers and the truck (or whatever vehicle ur using) counts as one whole vehicle and not 2 different vehicles, this helps fps, This is such a good mod!
  7. Agenty fan
    Agenty fan
    Version: 1.01
    it's super revolutionnary (like your other mod) but it can be cool if we can get the possebility to change the liquid in the tanker trailer (like milk)
    1. Agent_Y
      Author's Response
      You can already change it
  8. Peteavious
    Version: 1.01
    I think it's funny how you were to lazy to build a mod to help others to lazy to do something themselves lol
  9. carsmin
    Version: 1.01
    This made me easier and faster to load trailers . Thanks :D
  10. jecoyud1905
    Version: 1.01
    Time to make a final destination 2 parody
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