Experimental Trailers in Parts Selector 1.01

When you're too lazy to attach a trailer manually

  1. Added alternative hubs for compatibility with some vehicles

    Idk why i didn't notice this before, but trailer wheels don't work on the H-Series and some mods based on it. So I added alternative wheel hubs for all trailers, use them if normal ones are broken, they use nodeOffset rather than nodeMove. Also on the H-Series the beam attachment works weird for some reason, use the coupler attachment instead.
  2. Fixed some rare bugs

    Fixed some rare beam values (beamLimitSpring, beamLimitDamp, beamDampRebound) not being reset to default in the beams sections of leaf spring Jbeams of the trailers, which would cause some very stiff additional modification parts from some mods to explode sometimes when you had both them and the trailer equipped. Happened to the CrashHard Dummy if you put it in the car, it would explode when crashing too hard with a trailer attached.
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