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Trial Mountain 3.0

A scratch built version of this famous fictional track, exclusivly for BeamNG.

  1. One Year Update!

    This started out as a simple bug fix, but got carried away.

    Here's whats new:
    * Grass and forest ground cover to give the track a lush green look.
    * Rebuilt the walls for more accurate collisions. A few more crash fences.
    * Quick-play is now available, with reverse and rolling starts.
    * Access roads have been carved out around the track to reach spectator areas and for exploring.
    * Newly built 3D curbs at the apexes will make corner cutting more difficult - especially at Turn 1.
    * Tunnel Lighting
    * Smoothed the track surface to decrease stuttering.
    - Fixed all of the potholes in the terrain.
    - Fixed the black dirt terrain spots.

    Up next update: new grand stands, more spectators, and night lighing.


    1. TrialMountain01_preview.jpg
    2. dsrfgh.jpg
    3. fdg.jpg
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