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Trial Mountain 3.0

A scratch built version of this famous fictional track, exclusivly for BeamNG.

  1. New banners, graphical fixes, plus big terrain update.

    Fixed some bugs with wind, broken textures (black and orange surfaces) and flickering skid marks.

    Ive made many editions to the terrain, too many to count. The outside roads are all drive-able now including all of the bridges.

    The original banners have finally been replaced with Repo-friendly graphics.
  2. One Year Update!

    This started out as a simple bug fix, but got carried away.

    Here's whats new:
    * Grass and forest ground cover to give the track a lush green look.
    * Rebuilt the walls for more accurate collisions. A few more crash fences.
    * Quick-play is now available, with reverse and rolling starts.
    * Access roads have been carved out around the track to reach spectator areas and for exploring.
    * Newly built 3D curbs at the apexes will make corner cutting more difficult - especially at Turn 1.
    * Tunnel...
  3. MODERATION : zip name fix

    MODERATION : zip name fix
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  4. Big terrain update and more.

    • I had to "reset" the heights of the terrain due to excessive bumps. The new setup should have 10x better smoothness and accuracy.
    • The mesh road lines were floating noticeably above the road with the new terrain, so I remade them with decal roads.
    • Made a bunch of improvements to the outer scenery.
    • Removed all of the invisible walls so you can flip into the trees.
    • Changed the sky settings so they have a warmer hazier look.
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  5. Fixed Logos

    Fixed Logos and smoothed out the worst of the bumps. Filled in the background with hills and trees.
  6. New terrain, new track!

    I remade this level using BeamNG's native terrain system, so it's a totally different experience, with varying terrain types.

    With this addition I was able to add more trees and hills around that track and working AI.
  7. Trees and scenarios update

    New features
    • Many scenarios*
    • Improved lighting settings*
    • GT inspired menu image*
    • Improved road texture*
    • Almost all bugs squashed
    • More realistic wall collisions.
    • Improved materials;
    • Added decorations; trees, rocks, grass. Added custom flags and banners in the pit area.
    • Bump before the big hill on the back straightaway.**
    * Slayersen; for the new content for the next release.
    **monobrau; for helping to get the layout perfect.
  8. Race Update and a small patch.

    Fixed many materials, added shadows in tunnels, and added a fun Scenario: Trial mountain Race. The time to beat is 3:13. I tried adding IA paths, but I think it requires a terrain height map, which I don't plan on making, sorry.
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