Trillium Sherpa Armoured Patrol Vehicle 1.2

A beast of an armoured truck

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    • Name: Trillium Sherpa APV
    • Engine: Modified 7.0L Gavril turbodiesel V8
    • Maximum power output: 738.1 hp (550.4 kW) @ 5800 RPM
    • Curb weight: 2880 kg (6349 lb)
    • Transmission: 7-speed automatic with manual capabilities
    • Wheelbase and length: 3.27 m / 5.25 m
    Seeing use by many tactical police units and armed forces across the globe, the Canadian Trillium Sherpa armoured patrol vehicle is tougher than nails, powerful, and responsive for a vehicle of its calibre. It's capable of handling just about anything you throw at it (sometimes literally).


    A SWAT-issue Sherpa in Belasco City.

    sherpa2.png sherpa3.png sherpa4.png
    The 2019 update of the Sherpa, seen here in Matte Graphite, includes ceramic armour as an option.

    sherpa5.png sherpa6.png
    Military-issue Sherpa APVs ready for deployment.

    sherpa7.png sherpa8.png sherpa9.png
    Crash test against a stock Gavril T75. Neither vehicle survived the test, per se, but the prototype Sherpa's engine was found to be fully functional. The Sherpa has since been modified to meet increased occupant safety standards.

    sherpa11.png sherpa12.png sherpa13.png sherpa14.png
    An aggressive driving test in sub-zero conditions.

    Creator's Note: Thank goodness for recent Automation updates that have allowed me to put fixtures on glass. I thought the prospect of an armoured truck would be interesting, and I settled on the new "10sTrocc" body because, well, it had the perfect proportions. For maximum enjoyment, spawn a few of these in black and have them chase you. As with my other Automation uploads, the info and JBeam have been tweaked (in this case, it means the beams have been strengthened, and heavy acceleration results in wisps of black exhaust smoke).

    (P.S. Yes, I know, this only barely resembles the Gurkha.
    But it's an armoured truck, and who can argue with that?)


    1. sherpa10.png

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