Truck Killer: Boneyard Bash (FPS) 1.0

The deadliest monster truck track to date! but FPS friendly

  1. Tubernaut
    Happy Halloween!

    This is the FPS Friendly version of Truck Killer: BONEYARD BASH. Please note that even this will not completely eliminate all lag due to how Beamng.Drive is setup. I tried all I could to make this smoother but unfortunately it still is a hefty map.

    I hope you bought some new underwear cause its about to get spoopy in here! With a new twist to the truck killer series you will be introduced to sound effects to make you feel uneasy. Tons of send it ramps from the lake to the cliff-side. Welcome to the Truck Killer: BONEYARD BASH!

    On another note this track was a challenge, so many ideas I wanted to throw on here but not all of them made it in due to my ability as a track maker. A lot of things I wanted to do had to be scrapped because it unfortunately made in impact on FPS and even though this version will be the heaviest on FPS I had to limit what I could do. I hope you all can enjoy this map, it was a lot of crashing, stress, and thoughts of giving up. I didn't have Jedi to aid me on here but I made the best of my ability.

    Default Vehicle (1)

    No crush cars due to an issue on Beamng's end.

    Paint and Track Design: Cameron Becker (Tubernaut)
    Lighting and Cosmetics: Tubernaut
    Troubleshooting and Tips: jedipresence

    SPECIAL THANKS: To Austin Spence for being an absolutely amazing dude. He came in full clutch for me and my friends at the Monster Jam: All Star Challenge and I could not possibly be grateful enough. There is surprise waiting for you on the map!

    Drive for you life or you'll FLOAT too!


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    5. BYBFPS5.png

Recent Reviews

  1. TheZenArdvark
    Version: 1.0
    Great FPS. I love the echo in the back ground that makes the trucks sound a bit better. Idea for the next map, mud or deep sand? (Also my laptop sings many praises for having an FPS version thank you >_<)
  2. gameboy3800
    Version: 1.0
    fps can still dip but great map regardless
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