Beta Turbo 3.3 and 3.8 V6 for Wendover and LeGran V0.6

Have you driven a Bruckell lately?

  1. PowerstrokeHD
    The turbo's from the Gavril V8TD are here for the Bruckell V6s (LeGran and Wendover).
    Back in the '80s and '90s, Bruckell wasn't doing so well. They wanted to shed their newly found grandpa image. So they tried making performance cars. See these "Performance cars" didn't tickle the head of BSX
    (Bruckell Sports Experimental), Christopher Soliad's fancy. So on a night in 1986, Chris met with a few members of the GDD
    (Gavril Diesel Division). They worked out a deal that would surprise everyone. The members of GDD would install turbos into approximately 10000 Soliad Wendovers and 5000 Bruckell LeGrans. The Soliad was based on the Sport SE V6 and has a 5M, Race 6M, or Race 6 Sequential. The Bruckell LeGran was only offered in a racing config. Unsurprisingly, because Bruckell was so desperate, They liked the idea and agreed to it. See these turbos weren't the normal turbo's GDD was working on for their pickups, these had a slight tune on them so these worked at the higher RPMs that the Bruckell 3300 and 3800 v6's revved to. The Newfound Wendover 4000ST had 250 hp and a manual 5-speed however there are some found with the special 6-speed manual and/or sequential gearboxes. The Bruckell LeGran RT6-X only was offered in a 6-speed racing transmission and had similar power figures.

    BeamNG- Gavril 6.0L Diesel V8 Turbocharger
    PowerstrokeHD- Added tuned diesel turbo to the Soliad Wendover and Bruckell LeGran.

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  1. Important Update
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Recent Reviews

  1. OmniBLU07
    Version: V0.6
    What do you mean by removed Herobrine?
    1. PowerstrokeHD
  2. Fredr3x
    Version: V0.1
    Nice mod powerstroke
    1. PowerstrokeHD
      Author's Response
      thank you.
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