Outdated Turbocharged D-Series 2.0

Adjustabled Turbo for the D series pickup

  1. Dirtbikr98
    Adjustable turbocharger for the D-Series pickup. Uses the same turbo from my turbo Barstow mod.

    This mod does not use custom models, it is just a jbeam file with original models.

    I tried adding turbo for the I6 as well but for some reason they conflict and causes the other to disappear. Even tried two separate files in the same ZIP and even two separate ZIPs but still conflicts.


    1. screenshot_00002.png

Recent Updates

  1. Updated for .16 and diesel turbo
  2. Various Things
  3. Bigger Turbo

Recent Reviews

  1. Traxxas-Master
    Version: 1.04
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