Turkish Police Livery 1.3

It's a Turkish police skin for Vivace, Tograc and ETK 800 Series.

  1. v1.3 - Traffic police skin for ETK 800

    - Traffic police skin for ETK 800 added
    screenshot_2021-06-15_22-11-35.png screenshot_2021-06-15_22-12-31.png screenshot_2021-06-15_22-13-23.png
  2. v1.2 File size reduced and some fixes

    - Turkish police logo added
    - File size reduced
    - Now smart traffic compatible
    - Updated thumbnails
  3. v1.1 - New led lightbar and siren sound

    -led lightbar added
    -siren sound changed
    screenshot_2020-10-10_14-57-41.png screenshot_2020-10-10_14-58-21.png
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