Typin pack 2.0

The fictional company from automationland

  1. Fast1029384756J
    Typin is a small american manufacturer that started making race cars in 1960's and was winning races, this resulted in people wanting to buy road versions of there race cars so they started making road cars. Now they create many models.

    This pack as you can tell is a pack for my own fictional company
    currently it only has 5 cars but every month i'll add more as this pack is part of a youtube series where i test the cars i have built on different tracks. One person created me a wiki so i made a page for the company if you like lore and stuff.

    Current models
    • 2012 Typin SC1
    • 2017 Typin B09
    • 2017 Typin B09 sport
    • 2017 Typin B09 GTI
    • 2017 Typin B09 R
    • 2017 Typin B09 RS
    • 2017 Typin B09 HR cup
    • 2017 Typin B09 RS BRC
    • 1995 Typin FR22


    1. Photo96.png
    2. Photo97.png
    3. Photo98.png
    4. Photo102.png
    5. Photo109.png
    6. Photo122.png
    7. Photo123.png
    8. Photo124.png
    9. Photo130.png
    10. Photo135.png

Recent Updates

  1. Very late February update

Recent Reviews

  1. Taipan
    Version: 1.0
    Nice cars! :D
  2. Martin.S
    Version: 1.0
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