Beta Ugly Head 2

A head to ram or grab and bash a car with

  1. Ugly Head V2

    Detachable Eye
    Detachable Tooth
    Detachable Brain inside Ugly Head
    2nd layer that is seen when first layer is damaged. (another mesh)
    Reworked internal brain/gore materials to PBR
    The tooth bounces, the eye bounces, the brain slides
    Completely deformable, breakable...Though too much damage it may look pretty ugly.

    -PBR implementation not on Skin/eye/tooth
    -PBR has more improving to do but think I am at my current limit with this mod.
    -Jbeam, it is what it is... Novelty item of a head. Did...
  2. Ugly Head Overhaul

    New improved Jbeam,
    New Textures,
    New model that is even Uglier,

    This Ugly Head can dish out pain, but can also take it now :)
    Will deform on impact.


    1. uh3.jpg
    2. UH1.jpg
    3. uh2.jpg
  3. Uglyhead

    An ugly head I sculpted with clay, painted and made into a mod.
    Ram it, or bash a car with it by grabbing a node.


    1. uglyhead.jpg
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