Beta UK Emergency Vehicle Sound Pack 1.2

Adds 22 UK sirens, and 5 different bullhorns!

  1. UK Emergency Vehicle Sound Pack (V1.2) out now!

    Hello everyone!

    Thanks to Der Ruhri, I'm bringing you yet another update, now at version 1.2!

    I'm changing the name from "UK Police Siren Pack" to "UK Emergency Vehicle Sound Pack". The diversity of sounds now found in the pack is a reflection of this, as we now have a total of 22 different sirens and 5 different horns.

    I'll be releasing a brand new video (hopefully soon) showcasing every single siren and horn found available.

  2. Brand new Phaser & Two Tones siren, and Bullhorn Horn

    Thanks to Der Ruhri!

    I've added a brand new Phaser & Two Tones siren to the mod, along with a Bullhorn. You can set the two sirens under the siren modding section as before, and pick the horn under the section too!
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