Alpha Ultimate Configuration Pack

The 0.16 Compatibility Update

  1. The 0.12 Compatibility Update + New Content!

    The 0.12 Compatibility Update
    After a few days of incompatibility, here's the update you all have been waiting for :)

    This update fixes a lot of broken content by BeamNG's latest update(s), and adds some content to the game too :D
    (Scroll down for a full list)


    • Fixed like half of all configs
    • Updated all configs

    • ADDED: The Wentward DT40L "Drag"

    Will get you to your destination too, but faster
    (THANK YOU SO MUCH @Blijo )

    • ADDED: The Wentward DT40L "Drift"

    Just a slideyboi bus.

    • ADDED: The Wentward DT40L "Ram Plow"

    Could get in handy when there's a traffic jam.

    • ADDED: The Wentward DT40L "City Coupe"

    Don't you just hate it to take Public Transport when it is summer, because the busses are so hot? Well, this fixes your problem

    • ADDED: The 200BX "Upgraded Drift"

    Even Slidier than the original drift version

    Well that's it for this update, just make sure you clear your cache

    Oh and before I forget:

    Enjoy :)
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