Ultimate Endurance Course 1.99999

An endurance course inspired by tracks featured in Failrace's "Driven Till Destruction"

  1. nerfed lattice/rework

    made the lattice less brutal and updated the section at the top of the hill
  2. Missed something

    forgot to add an obstacle
  3. Out of beta

    The track is in an essence done, i am still planning on doing a scenery update and possible adding something to the long turn over the bridge.
  4. updated downhill section

    updated downhill section and toned down the destruction a bit so more cars will live through at least one lap
  5. ai traffic

    added ai traffic, it works well in all areas of the track except the cliffside part (future update is planned) I also did a bit of polishing to make the track look and drive better
  6. Uphill section rework

    I revamped the up hill section of the map to make it more scenic
  7. fixed missing meshes

    fixed missing meshes at top of hill
  8. fixed more stuff

    fixed missing mesh
  9. fixed file path

    fixed file path
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