Beta Unusual engine pack for the wentward/T-series 2.8

Weird engines for the bus and semi

  1. I8

    Made the inline 8 a little stronger
  2. CVT transmission

    Added a CVT Transmission for the bus{V12 is not very good with it}

    Added the jet and I8 to the b series.
  3. inline 8 and jet engine

    Made the V12 Slightly Stronger

    Added support for the Gavril B-series

    Inline 8 and jet engine are not currently supported on the B-series

    Added a Inline 8 engine

    Added a jet engine{No model atm}

    Added a 1 speed transmission to use with the jet engine{dont use it with other engines you won't go very quick and it wasn't designed for normal engines}
  4. New engine models

    Slightly tweaked V12 sounds

    added custom engine models for the V8,V12,V16

    Note: part of the v16 engine skin on the bus is bugged

  5. New V8 and V12 sounds

    Tweaked V8 low end torque

    New V12 sounds

    New V8 sounds

  6. Better V16 sounds

    Tweaked The V16 and improved the sounds

  7. Custom Detroit Diesel sounds for the v16 and v12

    Added A 16v71 Detroit diese sound for the v16 and a 12v71 sound for the v12.

    Note: There very rough and will be tweaked out.

    New V16 sounds

    New V12 sounds
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