Updated Shiftlogic Automatic Transmissions 4.31

Makes slushboxes more comfortable to drive. Now with electric motors

  1. Single Clutch Transmission Update

    Added a brand new transmission logic: Single clutch (automated manual) gearbox.

    Idle Creep, use a small amount of brake to disengage the clutch.(use the EngineInfo UI app)
    Realistic(somewhat) clutch and shifting time, no torque is transferred during shifts.
    Coast throttle (upshift) and rev-match throttle (downshift).
    Clutch engagement RPM based on throttle value, for initial acceleration.
    Jbeam adjustable parameters.

    Transmission list:
    800-Series, K-Series: 7SCT(081010M2)
    SBR4: 6SCT(102015M2)
    T-Series: 11SCT(070204M4), 10SCT(070204M3), 12SCT(070204M4)
    Sunburst: 6SCT(102015M2)
    FCV: 5SCT(100510M2)

    *Note: Some transmissions are just for fun (not historically correct, etc)

    Bugfix: Fixed the 6AT shifting between 4th and 5th on the Sunburst and DT40L. Remedied engine overrev during steep downhill.
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