Updated Shiftlogic Automatic Transmissions 4.31

Makes slushboxes more comfortable to drive. Now with electric motors

  1. Crawler Mode & Dual Clutch Transmission

    Added crawler mode to existing transmissions:
    Some transmissions have very low gear(s) to haul very heavy objects climbing steep incline or maneuvering at very low speeds. On light-duty operation, these gears can be skipped to accelerate quicker.
    BKNHCM gear selector.
    Backup, skip the crawler gears in reverse.
    Krawler, only use reverse crawler gears.
    Highway, skip the crawler gears in forward.
    Crawler, only use forward crawler gears.
    Crawler gear definition is configurable in jbeam file, since it's adjustable, it can also use as an OD-OFF gear selection.

    Modded dual clutch transmissions:

    Tuned TCU logic:
    Significantly lowered initial upshifting RPM.
    Engine braking at very low speeds in D, S or M mode, no RPM oscillation when starting in 2nd or 3rd gear.
    Responsive downshifting at very low RPM.
    Idle creep:
    When the vehicle is stopped, transmission is in gear and brake is released, the clutch is engaged a little bit to make the vehicle creep forward without throttle. Works with crawler mode.
    Adjustable clutch time range:
    Now you can define the max clutch time via the "dctClutchMaxTime", not always ten times the "dctClutchTime".

    Added/edited transmission list:
    800-Series, K-Series: 8DCT(025500M3)
    I-Series: 4AT(3TC3W1), 5AT(3T5LC421W)
    SBR4: 7DCT(025400M2)
    T-Series: 11SCT(070204K2C2M4), 10SCT(070204K1C2M3), 12SCT(070204K2M3), 10AT(2T3LK1M2), 12DCT(250750K2M6), 14DCT(250750K1C2M7)
    Sunburst: 6DCT(040450M2)
    FCV: 7DCT(050500M2), Diesel 7DCT(050500M2)

    Bugfix: FCV no 9AT fixed.
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